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I realize that from time to time a member just "disappears" and other members wonder what ever happened to him.  I'm providing this thread as a single place where members can ask the question "Whatever happened to ____________ (insert member name)?" and we'll do our best to give you the answer ... also, feel free to contribute other information as that you might know.

Do not inquire about a member unless he has been absent from the forums at least 30 DAYS ... this thread is not intended to communicate why individuals are banned.   The vast majority of banned users are only off the forums for 3-days and you will see them back shortly.

Be patient.  I'll update this table as best I can, and in the order that requests are made.

MemberForum StatusWhatever happened to him/her?
Citizen OneMember, MIAShe (many believe Citizen One is actually a guy, however) has posted as recently as July 2007, but has been mostly absent after one of the early episodes in the BF2s Soap Opera revolved around Citizen One.  She had taken the forum title "Korean Princess", and then posted this picture and this picture in the "What do you look like??" thread. It turns out that the picture(s) she posted were actually of the Japanese nude model/actress, Reon Kadena.  There was some speculation that a celebrity might be posting on BF2s, but ... not.  She was lying.  This was discovered by a couple of BF2s members (later admitted by Citizen One).  This discovery called into question most things about the truth of her postings (including whether or not she was actually female, as she claimed and has been reported by some members such as JaM3z (Ref) and Nyte (Ref)).  She had mentioned that she was moving from England to Korea in May 2006 ... but ... interestingly, all of her posts originated from the United States. 
CougarBannedCougar's account was permanently banned after a rather heated debate that he couldn't walk from.  The offending thread was removed from the forums.  Cougar has stated that he does not plan to come back to BF2s under a new account name.
DuffryModerator, MIADuffry will still be seen -  albeit rarely - viewing the site.  However, you will find him most active at his DMZ-Gaming site.
gene_poolBannedHis account was permanently banned from the forums for repeated flaming and disruption, and an unwillingness to change his posting style after 8 temp bans and scores of warnings.  He returned briefly as loop_eneg with a promise to abide by forum rules, but he didn't and was banned again.
Fancy_PolluxMember, MIAPollux loved to write shock-stories that he attributed to his personal life, and there was wide speculation (and sometimes proof) that he was plagiarizing - in fact, rule #20 is lovingly called the "Fancy_Pollux Rule".  Some loved his posts and others hated his posts.  Seeking a fresh start, he created the new account of Cerpin_Taxt.  Following a temp ban for plagiarizing a story - and a slight debate about whether or not plagiarizing is appropriate - he drifted off within a month ...
ig, i g, HAi_gAIZBannedMultiple accounts perm banned for spamming ... refused to change posting style after multiple warnings.  And, was finally terminated after creating a series of pornographic and vulgar threads/posts.
kr@ckerMember, MIAUnknown
Kung JewModerator, MIAHe can still be seen reading the forums from time to time, but has not posted since March 2007.  At that time, he simply mentioned that real life (school at night, family and life logistics) were taking up all of his time, and that he might be back once things settled down. 
KtotheIMMYMember, former ModeratorShe has been erratically active on the BF2s forums since the famous "Trigger Meltdown" of August 2006, but highly present on her personal forums at  Though she may not post on BF2s much anymore, she scans the forums regularly.  As of March 2008, she is currently living with chuyskywalker and two cats (Sam & Lucy) in Sweden.
Lt.GoldmanRetired Game AdminLt.Goldman retired from his role as a BF2s EU Server Admin and commander in chief of the EU Division in December 2006. He has visited the forums a couple of times since then - wishing his fellow EU comrades a Happy New Year and participating in the BF2s vs BFSTAT Event. He is, if at all, currently playing ArmA and can still be contacted by those who wish to contact him via email.
LucienMemberFormally SargeV1.4. Simply put: Has moved on. Lucien still keeps in touch with many BF2S members and the best way of contacting him would be via Steam. He leads the AwesomeSmiley Steam Group - comprised of mainly BF2S and ex-BF2S members.
Master* / MasterStyleBannedHis account was permanently banned from the forums for repeated spamming, and an unwillingness to change his posting style after a half dozen temp bans (his argument is that he didn't change his posting style because he did not consider his posts to be spam, but the moderators did consider them to be spam ... which is why he got 6 temp bans for spamming).  He has stated that he will not return to BF2s unless his Master* account is restored, however he soon began posting under the Mystline name (an old duplicate account not previously identified by the mods).  This account's posts were more toned down, but still not contributing to the forums ... the account was perm-banned after posting useless spam again (2nd accounts often have a zero-tolerance threshold where one rule violation means a ban).
polarbearzMember, MIAHe still posts on the forums (as recently as Feb 2008), but his frequency of posting has been severely restricted since Dec 2006, likely due to the explanation he provided here:  Click me!
ProdieModerator, MIAHe still visits the site from time to time, and has posted in the moderators forum as recently as Feb 2008.  Speculation:  most of his attention at the moment is focused on college, and he doesn't have much time to actively moderate.
PuckMercuryMember, MIAUnknown
pure_beef_69MemberHis account was perm banned after a misunderstanding and the flame of a moderator (deleted from the forums), prompted by the closing of a good-bye thread he had started.  He returned under a few names, but is actively using the Ace.O.Lamb account.
=Robin-Hood=Moderator=Robin-Hood= is by no means inactive, just less active than he used to be. He mainly posts in the Moderator's forums.
SarrkMember, MIAInformation from Acreta
SlayerModerator, MIAwas/is pretty busy with real life e.g move, job, band and so on. Pops in here from time to time.
spawnofthemistBannedHe was permanently banned in Dec 2006 after repeated violations of forum rules, primarily inappropriate posts and spam, and an apparent unwillingness to change posting styles.  He has attempted a few alternate identities on the forums such as Valefor in Feb 2007, Ixion in Feb 2007, and _Spawn_ in Nov 2007, but these accounts have also been permanently banned for the same reason.  Currently, spawn is in school studying computer networking (Ref). 
SpearheadBanned, ResignedBanned on request as of 12 Aug 2013. Currently pursuing other hobbies. Salud!
stryykerMember, resignedPerhaps jaded because of a temp ban ... perhaps it was the loss of internet connectivity ... or perhaps time to just move on ... perhaps all of these.  Well, he simply resigned from the forums:  Explanation.  Here is a May 2008 Update:  Clicky.  In July 2008, he was back on the forums.
supahBannedThe Supah Reference Book - The Definitive Guide
THA / The Heart AttackModerator, MIATHA is still occasionally posting on, but has all but abandoned BF2s ... without explanation.  In May 2008, he reappeared on the forums ... stating that he had been incredibly busy.
Thomas MorganModerator, MIA
TowellyMember, MIAAccording to Oakleaves, he is taking a break from the internet for real life (Reference).  Dauntless confirms this, and also states that he still posts on the TOP forums (Reference).
TriggerHappy998Member, Former ModeratorTrigger's farewell post with sufficient information can be seen here: Click Me
usmarineResignedHe requested a permban on 4/12/2008 ... in his request he wrote "Just do it for me please. Kind of like flushing a smokers cigs down the toilet."  He was moving to the Northeast US, and has attempted a couple of times to create a new identity on the forums.  So, it is possible that he'll return under a new identity once he's settled into his new location.
WilhelmSissenerBannedHis account was permanently banned in Dec 2006 for spamming, after receiving multiple warnings and temp bans to change his posting style.  He returned to the forums in Dec 2006 with the autopilot account, and continued to spam.  This account was banned in March 2007 (and Wilhelm actually thought it might be for the better since he was addicted to BF2s).  Mysteriously, he was allowed to reactivate his original account (WilhelmSissener) in June 2007, under a zero-spam agreement where he was to post responsibly.  In what is now known as Sissenerosis (in which a member's name dictates their posting style), he went into convulsions and uncontrollably spammed ... thus, he was perm banned for the third time in June 2007.  Wilhelm showed back up again in Oct 2007 during the time of the temporary forums, but has not been seen since BF2s resurrected in Dec 2007.
The following list is of members who have changed their forum names, or who have been banned and have now returned under a new account:
Old Member NameCurrent Member NameComments
Bf2-GeneralArnottSEREVENTName changed April 2008.
BubbaloZombieVampire!His account was perm-banned for repeated flaming, and refusing to change his posting style of flaming.  Back under the new account name as of May 2008. 
cdogmndoug1988This account, and perhaps 60-100 other accounts, are banned for flaming and gay pornography.  A summary of cdogmn can be found here.  His rationale for his nearly 2-year tirade was "asked a tech question and got nothing back but 4Th grade spam , went off , got banned , got mad , got banned again , got even madder ... it took 2 years for me to let it go and not to get mad over little childish shyt over the internetz ( internetz is serious business ) , there's the whole story , no big deal" (reference).  Over a long period, he attempted to gain access to the forums, but has been mostly identified and stopped in the new registration process.  In April 2008, he finally got through the registration gauntlet and has been a responsible member since ... effectively, he hasn't disrupted the public forums since the fall of 2007.  At last check, he is 46, and still getting drunk on 12-packs of Old Milwaukee, and still living with his mother in a basement bedroom.
Missionless and [n00b]TylerMegalomaniacThe [n00b]Tyler account was banned in Dec 2006.  He returned a couple of weeks later as Missionless.  Name changed to Megalomaniac in May 2008.
psHAcretaBanned.  Returned with new account.
russ)=spetsnazgatorlovaHis account received a perm-ban for hacking and ultimately destroying the BF2s public BF2 account.  Russ has appeared under a number of accounts that typically last no more than a month before being perm-banned, primarily for the endorsement of cheating and hacking, the promotion of cheating software, or the advertising of hacking sites.
Surgeons / Mr. SurgeonsThe SheriffName changed.
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U shud proabbly f off u fat prik
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What happened to Master* - Perm banned
What happened to fancy_pollux? and has he got a new account?
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Fancy pollux
Pure beed
For all the banned people, other people are just going to ask "Why was xxx banned?" Might as well just post the reason or post a link to the post that got them banned.
Psy squad
What happened with tupla s?
That user Mr.Surgeons, I kinda miss him, he never talks anymore
o i c he changed his name

Thanks OH!!

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Nice triple post tbh. +1 sir!

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what happened to -=>cSc<=-*RunDje*cT| ?
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k, let's not spam this thread.

to answer a question: Pure_Beef is now known as Ace.O.Lamb.

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Hope_is_lost117 wrote:

What happened with tupla s?
In the army.
This topic seems to have no actual posts

=]-[f= ig88



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Ooh, this'll be like a nice little history lesson of bf2s My numbers say I've been around a while, but I didn't start participating in the forums much until recently

Simon wrote:

yeah, where's towelly?
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you know, bubs was really great at making a point, but he just wouldnt give up the way he wanted to do it.

oh well....i wish the kid good luck.
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Where did Warpaq and supah go?
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Good thread and answers OH. You're not the 2nd worst mod by a long shot.
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Good thread tbh.

Spawnofthemist went SUPERGAY FANATIC WOOP!

Willhelmseissner or something?
(went TOP a bit i believe?)

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towelly is takin a break from the internets.
You have to learn the rules of the game and then you have to play better than anyone else.

naightknifar wrote:

Good thread tbh.

Spawnofthemist went SUPERGAY FANATIC WOOP!

Willhelmseissner or something?
(went TOP a bit i believe?)
got banned on his main account and created a new one 'AutoPilot' I think, he might have been banned.

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