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BF2s EU Server Admin (RETIRED)
+330|4830|The Netherlands
Lt.Goldman wants to say a few words to you:

The reason I was away for the last month: RL got 100% hold of me
But with great results: I've got everything NEW !   GF, house, job, car... I'm a happy man

BF2 EU Server
Congratulations on your new Server !
I hope you have lots of fun and teamwork on it !

I hate to say it but....  I will not join you guys...
You know the reason, cause we had endless discussions about it.
That means I will no longer be:
- playing on the server
- squadleader / drill sergeant
- server admin
- working on the basecamp
- making sigs

Because we had over 30 members, I will not thank everyone in person, but I do remember every single one of you and:

It has been an honor to have served with each and everyone of you for the last 10 months !

We had hundreds of cool fights, lots of fun and played for teamwork. Thanks guys, it was great.
Special thanks to Chuy and B.Schuss.

I will visit the forum once in a while (and maybe TS), and you can send me a PM or an E-mail.
If you want to know where I will be fighting next: Feb 2007 -> ArmA
Hopefully in the future we can again fight together

Lt.Goldman signing off

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Positive Karma Here!
Wow, looks like you turned your life around.....good goin

Well, what can I say. It was nice knowing you and an honor to serve with you - but RL takes precedence over Battlefield any day of the week. Congratulations, good luck with everything and farewell.

Served and Out
+642|4729|Southampton, UK

Wow. When i joined EU Squad in the not too distant past. I really enjoyed it. There were some bad times and some fantastic times, but you would always stick for what you believed in and in some cases that really helped me become a better player... But you were a legend in making me become "Part of the group" And i want to thank you for that.
Will sorely miss you on the battlefield.
And many MANY thanks on speaking for every EU guy - when it came to making sigs. They were fantastic and we will all miss them dearly

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+262|4690|North Norway

Again Goldman, it has been an honour to fight with you.
and not even in the future have I found a better sl...
I wish you good luck with all and I hope that I might fights with you again sometime
---hates you
+1,137|4924|Hell, p.o box 666

Lt. Goldman,

it was an honor to be member of 1st. squad and to fight on the side of the best squadleader I´ve ever seen in this game.

It is sad to see you go and there is no way that you join us in the future battles. You´ll be missed.

Thank you for all your hard work even on the server, wiki and all the amazing signatures!

Maybe we´ll meet again in some ArmA battles!

Good job with all your reallife changes btw.

Sl4y3r salutes!
But, but, but... who will update the Wiki?
I'm back, baby... ( sort of )
+664|5008|Cologne, Germany

sad to see you go, Goldman, but I can see how RL is more important. Great to see it is working out for you

It has been an honour and a pleasure. You will be missed.



I'll see you on ArmA, once I have my new PC..
Cool member
Well Goldman, I am sorry to see that you are still not going to buy 2142 and join us on the new server. I really think that you are going to miss out on a lot of fun. But I guess that this is your choice so you will be missed in the 2142 action.

Good to hear about your RL stuff, I got a new job also, but still looking for a new GF! (joking)
soup fly mod

I don't see this as a goodbye cause I'm sure we'll all be playing ArmA or BF3 soon.  In the mean time enjoy your break, your new GF ()...and basically all the new stuff!
+383|4887|The Netherlands

Thanks for all the great games, fun and teamwork in the past 10 months. It has been a privilege working and playing with you. You were the reason why i started playing on the eu bf2 server.

Lt.Goldman wrote:

You know the reason, cause we had endless discussions about it.
If thats the only reason you re leaving, thats kind of sad cause we adressed that problem this week and came up with a plan to 'talk less and play more'. This new EU admin system (ED) has been working pretty good so far and everybody seems to be quite happy with it. Maybe its too late and you already made up your mind...

Anyways i m really pleased to hear that you re doing good in real life and got a new house, job, gf and car. When you feel like playing some bf2, please check ts and give me a shout when i m on. I d love to catch a couple of games of bf2 with my old SL.
+3,134|4906|The Hague, Netherlands

Great to have played with you Goldman, sad to see you go,

- Was a lot of fun these past months, teamkilling goldman for mistaken his head with a chopper, yup good old days (j/k )
- Anyway have fun with ArmA, I won't play it anytime soon (my pc can't play it)
- But I will have my fun with 2142 !

- CYA goldie
Support fanatic :-)

See you around Goldielocks and congrats with all your new cool stuff, picture of the GF perhaps ? ... before you photoshop her
Wait behind the line ..............................................................
BF2sEU old school admin - I don't care who you are

Not much to add...

Thanks to the best Squadleader ever, for everything you've done for the community. Who knows what it would have been without you...

If you want to play BF2 one time and join TS and see me there, talk to me and I'll be glad to give you any support you need. But today the fire mission of my arty will be a peaceful one.

Thanks again for all the fun we had playing with you, and even though it's only a Good bye from an online community, its still sad.

May the 30th of January from now on be known to the BF2s EU community as The Goldman memorial day

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I could not care less

I hope to see you in Arma Andre,it's been a plesure knowing you.
I'm sorry I only had a few games with you, but I really enjoyed having you giving the orders.  It's a great shame that it ain't going to happen again.  Hope I run into you somewhere though (actually 50klicks have a similar ethos to BF2, so perhaps I can quickly plug their server before Slayer deletesl this )
back to i-life

Since I am not visiting this section, I am posting today...

Andre, I think all good has been said, I don't want to look like repeater, so I will just wish you luck in your life! Thank you for being to us like "father" and all the work, I hope you know that we all appreciate that and with you, a big part of EU community's soul dies. Your word was law here and I hope that someday we will cross our weapons again and you will lead us to battle! All the best!

*legionair salutes*

You deserve that badge! I would give you the real one, but you must come for it
+1,716|4900|St. Andrews / Oslo

I'll be getting ArmA, so I hope we will meet eachother there! You've made this community very atractive with the sigs, the Wiki, the organization, everything!

It's sad to hear that you will not be joining us in 2142, which I think is a perfect game style for you

Anyways, GL and congrats on the New stuff!
+630|4811|The Netherlands

Goldman sir it was a pleasure to fight with you. Absolutely the best squad leader Ive played with. More for your constant communication skills than anything else.
Thanks for the sigs you made us all and the base camp, it really cemented this little sub community together and I would consider you the Father of the BF2 EU community for just that. Hopefully its "see you again soon" not "goodbye"

RL life takes the front seat. My parting advise. Love yourself first and foremost (not in the soup fly way:P)
After all how can anyone love other people and make them happy if your don't look after No1 first.

I only hope the BF2s Euro community can continue in the Goldman tradition. I for one will make sure of it!!!


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