Why the heck does this space smurf have a buzz cut? Isn't their hair connected to their brain? Is this a Pandoran lobotomy?
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I watched Glass Onion as well the other day. It was not great, not terrible. None of the characters seemed like real people and the resolution was nowhere near as clean as it'd have you think it was, but it was fine enough if you can ignore the insinuation that Dave Bautista can act.
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Haha Bautista is not good.

I was less interested in the individual character development, because I saw them as more background cast to support Benoit and his ability to solve the (multiple) riddles. I enjoyed the writers' ability to weave multiple whodunits into a cohesive story. I thought the various timelines and retcons were very tightly done.
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Bautista can play Bautista about as well as Clint Eastwood can play Clint Eastwood, etc etc.
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The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: 7/10

It's a pretty good comedy and Nick Cage clearly is ok with his status as memelord emeritus. I thought it moved along nicely while being both absurd in the way only a Nick Cage movie can be and making fun of itself for being absurd.
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Yeah still here

not much going on in here any more.
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haven't seen it, how as it?

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