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Deeds, not words.
+311|5781|Greenwood, IN
Hey guys,

Just finished my second montage.  Take a look tell me what you think!

American Hillbilly
+12|5974|Long Beach, CA
Good stuff except for the few times you bunnyhop like a lil bitch.
got any popo lolo intersting?

Almost makes me want to get this game, good stuff.

^DD^GRiPS wrote:

Good stuff except for the few times you bunnyhop like a lil bitch.
lol @ this guy
main battle tank karthus medikopter 117 megamegapowershot gg
+7|5488|Los Angeles
Nice work with the UAV. I always enjoy getting kills with it. Lots of fun.

I didn't see any bunny hoping there, just tactical jumping.
my sigs worse than yours

Dilda13 wrote:

tactical jumping.
Good video, I always liked your DoD:S videos too. Makes me wish I had this on PC. UAV on the PS3 kind of sucks.
Deeds, not words.
+311|5781|Greenwood, IN
Yea I really enjoy the game a lot.

As far as bunny hopping goes i'm no where near doing it at all.  You notice I only jump once and thats it.  Thats usually because someone scares the shit out of me.

Thanks for the comments so far keep them coming!
Admiral of the Bathtub
+619|5955|Great Brown North
so who wants to see if i can run this game on a xfx 7600?

my videocard died and this is my only extra
+515|5830|Loughborough Uni / Leeds, UK
Good video, I liked the music. Needs more knifing though. You missed some golden opportunities!
Deeds, not words.
+311|5781|Greenwood, IN
I don't knife its really stupid in this game.  I think any game that auto-aims knife is not worthy of being used as an ownage tool.


Defebs and repair for fine tools for ownage.

Last edited by Naturn (2010-03-17 03:12:13)


Yeah the repair tool is insanely hilarious...

One round I got an "double" kill with repair tool... First I skull-fucked a squatting assault guy, then I ran next to a Bradley and "fixed" it :-P
Same shit, Different Arsehole
good video man, nice music too.
Hup! Dos, Tres, Cuatro
+2,627|4964|Catherine Black
Awesome video good job

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