Where do you aim, in 2142?

Head26%26% - 22
Neck4%4% - 4
Upper Torso53%53% - 44
Arms1%1% - 1
Lower Torso7%7% - 6
Legs7%7% - 6
Total: 83
+718|5856|Austin, Texas
When trying to kill a soldier, medium distance let's say, where do you generally aim?
[barring sniper rifles]

Personally, I find myself aiming right for the head.
Which is odd, because in BF2, I usually aimed for the upper torso.

I suppose this is due to the extra accuracy given by the 2142 weapons, going for the head just seems the most effective. Oh, and I ALWAYS zoom, no matter the distance. If I'm close enough that I don't need to zoom, I pull out the knife. (<5 meters.)

Anyway, post your opinions and tell me if you aim the same place as in BF2.
+271|6091|United States of America
Lower torso or Upper torso, but usually lower so the kick gets me more hits.
Phorum Phantom
the crotchal region.
+617|5741|NSW, Australia

usally if i see an enemy soldier i spray and pray
BF2s Nublet
+71|5774|somewhere other then here
me i just shot at them
Jiggaboo Jones
+11|5717|FLOOR E DUH
bad touch

In yo face!
Depending on what role I am playing I do have a different style of aiming. However, if I average them out, upper torso comes at the top.
+519|5957|Gold coast, Aus.
For the head. In BF2 i aimed upper torso but with the little laser dot instead of iron sights, and better hit rego (i had a poor one in BF2, 20 shots to a stationary enemy to kill them) I can aim at the head easier and i know it will hit andnot be just a false one.

Also, i use the scope nearly all the time. In Bf2 i used to unscope with the AK 101 and M16 lots, now im the opposite.
You likey leaky?
+433|6014|In You Endo- Stoke
The upper torso and only zoom really when support or sniper(most of the time)
+26|5726|Nethterlands (ZH)

<<<FTDM>>>Gen.Raven wrote:

usally if i see an enemy soldier i spray and pray
HEY! are you stealing my tactic AND telling it to the world!
Now everyone will be adopting it!

#^%& now i'll have to learn how to shoot.
Over the line!
+70|6084|Mark it zero.
medium to close range i spray at their upper torso, but longer ranges i burst at their heads.
The Medic Whore
upper torso.. the spray usually brings it up to the head
You laughin' at me, bitch?
+44|5984|Hong Kong
Lower torso, because the recoil will automatically bring the gun upwards. This way I put as many bullets in the guy as possible.
2142th Whore
upper torso and let the recoil bring the gun up to the head
+106|5717|UMass Amherst
If the stupid bastard shooting at me is prone and I'm close enough, I'll aim for their face and put them down with a couple of well-placed headshots; same with crouching.  If they're running and gunning, I'll take my chances and aim for mid-chest, seeing as a headshot is dicey in those circumstances.  Baur H-AR is sniper-like, if you can time your shots (compensating for the massive recoil) this gun will put them down fast at medium to long range (ideally 20+ meters).  For all other circumstances, aim for mid-chest level; it gives you more room for error than if you're aiming at their legs or upper torso.
upper torso, If I am too lazy I guess where they will run and I throw my nade to intercept him. Let my nade do my dirty work.
+6|5725|Melbourne, Australia
I like to shoot people in the throat, they make a satisfying gurgling sound as their life-blood spills...........
Oh, you mean in the GAME....

I guess I aim for the neck area, or upper upper torso really, good chance of a headshot with collateral damage to the torso area.
+4|5968|Vancouver, BC
it depends. When i'm using a LMG i start at the upper torso and move to the head cuase of the CoF. With Voss i always aim for the head and clark i aim at the torso.
iPod is broken.
+1,048|6000|NT, like Mick Dundee

I've been using the Clarks and LMGs almost exclusively and I've found the lower-mid torso the best place to aim... Or the kneecaps. For some reason leg shots seem to do alot of damage.
Whoa... Can't believe these forums are still kicking.
Russian warship, go fuck yourself
+2,046|5958|Little Bentcock
upper torso
+1,128|5977|Burmecia, Land of the Rain
the balls.
I aim at the upper torso because i take advantage of the random acurasy of the wepon. if  get lucky i hit a head shot, if not i still hit the body. oh and i use the Voss in single shot, all the time, then i use the shotgun at close range. btw i do aim for the head with the, more satisfying backflip lol....

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