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You guys should be watching the Orville.

"coz you a far cry from acclaim nigga ubisoft"
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AussieReaper wrote:

You guys should be watching the Orville.
I enjoy it so far.
War Man
Australians are hermaphrodites.
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AussieReaper wrote:

You guys should be watching the Orville.
I have, been good so far
The irony of guns, is that they can save lives.
The X stands for
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War Man wrote:

Dilbert_X wrote:

There's a whole level of the film you wouldn't have noticed.
What did I miss? The movie deliberately had scenes that spelled out where this is going when showing scenes of Ryan Gosling's character flashing back his memories. The entire storyline was dull(and the sequel hook, meh) and I was bored throughout the film. I wanted to like this movie... but I can't.
Well, since I don't want to spoil it for Ken:
Spoiler (highlight to read):
Even if Ken is a colossal dick.
Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 basically ask the question "What is it to be human?"
Is it enough to live, does it take more - to love, to create life, to be who you were intended to be, to achieve more, to die, to accept your mortality, to fight against it, to care and sacrifice for your fellow man, etc
The long pauses where not very much happens are for you to absorb and reflect on what the film-maker is trying to say.
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