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First post of this thread.

FFLink wrote:

Seems to use CryEngine 3, will be PC only and will be released in 2014 if all goes well, with Alpha and beta after 12 months and 20 months respectively.

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In fairness the scope of it has expanded massively since it was first announced. Hard to think it's been going since 2012 though.
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Hard to believe its even the same concept
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Sorry for reviewing such an old thread... But I was thinking about getting the game.  Do you think the devs are going to fulfill at least 3/4 of the promises? I know they did get tons of money, but even the greatest billionaire can lose all of his money if he mismanage fiances...

I got kinda tired with Everspace prety quick, was looking for something more involving this time

Thanks in advance guys.
Warman is a hermaphrodite.
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I'm sure it'll be fine. 3.0 is coming out soon.

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