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Seb, those look like good stock photos. Ever been interested in that?

Defcon, that's awesome. Story behind it?
be nice
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Finray wrote:

Defcon, that's awesome. Story behind it?
Al Pacino (same haircut as in Scarface movie)
Maple Syrup Faggot
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Yeah, it's Al Pacino. The reference picture I used was a wax sculpture or something, but it was so detailed and huge that I decided to use it.

As I said, I haven't drawn in a long time (few years), so I thought I should start again.
..and since Scarface is one of my favourite movies, I decided to draw that.

..I kinda made him look older or something though. I dunno..

Me @ DeviantArt wrote:

This image somehow just popped into my head, and I just felt I had to draw it. I did so reluctantly as the "theme" if you may call it that way, is something that doesn't really fit my style at all.

The title is crappy, since I actually didn't know of a fitting title. I've scanned the image multiple times and uploaded both the "true" version and a detail enhancing version (both as one file). I've just used my traditional mech pencil on A4 printing paper. Perhaps I should just accept that as my method of choice, and thus accept I s*ck at colouring and digital work. Again, if there is a skilled colourer out there, that lacks or ignores his or her basic line art skills; please do contact me.
Compensation of Reactive Power in the grid
you guys are freaking leet
الشعب يريد اسقاط النظام me the schematic
Semi Constructive Criticism
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SargeV1.4 lol
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Just playing around in photoshop.
more to come later..........Some with illustrator

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Something nice and Wintery I made today :

(Sorry for the bad quality, I don't have a scanner here vand actually used my cellphone camera.)
Amdi Peter

Lai wrote:

Something nice and Wintery I made today : … 205722.jpg

(Sorry for the bad quality, I don't have a scanner here vand actually used my cellphone camera.)
Somehow reminds me of The Nutcracker.
What's your DeviantArt name? I like.

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Here's some stuff icicles snow flake macro dead flower

So I recently discovered that Adobe ImageReady lets me build my own Animated .Gif's. I thought it would make a nice project to see if I can make my own short "cartoon". Figuring to start with something simple I decided on a random character with waving hair and/or a scarf. That way I could draw a portrait and simply add the scarf frames in a different layer, rather than drawing 24 full characters to provide for the standard 24 frames a second.

I also figured that using an old photo to model the basic lines on would make things easier,.. this is where I got carried away though. I finished the basic model, but adding a scarf, letting the wind blow through her hair, making her blink or smile with the same level of detail, and at 24fps, seems to be beyond me. I am a bit at a loss now, not knwoing how to finish this portrait. Maybe I will just add some vines and an autograph, but ideas are welcome

On the portrait itself: Yes, I know that technically the face could do with a little more contrast, especially the ears. However, I somehow like it as it as, and do not dare touch it. I am a bit annoyed myself at the resolution, but this Pentium II MMX laptop does not allow me to Photoshop on higher ones.
'Light 'em up!'

Been a while since I've been in here.

Started trying photoshop to colour and touch up my drawings. Got a WIP of a character design (sci-fi, obviously).

Better to see in full size.
Im high
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BF2s its been years.... Never be forgotten so i'll just drop this here.
MINI AWSM by Sebastien Morin, on Flickr

Shot of my rear view

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