Beep bep.
+85|5750|Stealth on Grand Bazaar

bugz wrote:

m3thod wrote:

do any of you guys use the fxaa injector? … ector.html
I'm guessing PunkBuster doesn't pick that shit up then?
Use your NVIDIA control panel if you have one. Does the same job, no issues with PB either.
Fission Mailed

I was gonna say...I thought newer Nvidia cards had FXAA built in anyway
All kiiiiiiiiinds of gainz
*derp mode*

where is fxaa in the nvidia control panel
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I believe the new 300.xx drivers have them for GTX 500 and 600 series.
Fission Mailed

Nvm...I just updated my drivers and it won't let me set the FXAA settings for BF3. It says "Not supported for this application".
All kiiiiiiiiinds of gainz
just got my first ban
Blackbelts are just whitebelts who have never quit.
Double XP weekend is awesome - finally getting around to unlocking things for the recon class...
+93|6052|Alaska, mother fucker.
Wish I could play but every server I join it disconnects me at the loading screen. Restarted origin, my computer and everything is up to date... wtf?
Shotgun whore
+133|5669|Pacific NW, USA
Play bc2.  More fun.
All kiiiiiiiiinds of gainz
i had a go at bc2 couple of days agoo.....its too slow and you keep expecting you player to vault over shit.
Blackbelts are just whitebelts who have never quit.
Fission Mailed


lol the ragged bugs in this game

TehMyke wrote:

i'll just leave this hur
for some reason i like your videos. make more.

oh and what are the 1337 pr0 setups these days?
Boat sig is not there anymore
BF3: Premium info

Stat resets? Weapon camos? Double XP weekends? All for $80AU? Pass.

One thing to note is that it says 'combined, the packs have 20 new weapons'. It includes BtK in there, so I guess after CQ they won't be doing any more weapon releases. A good thing I guess, having to include and balance a further 30 guns would turn into quite a clusterfuck.
It's pretty good value really.

BF3 came with 9 maps (13 if you pre-ordered), and Premium comes with 20 (16 if you pre-ordered) for just over the price of the original game. Plus all the extra vehicles, weapons etc. BF2: Special Forces for example came with 8 new maps and was £20. This has over double that (or exactly double for karkand owners) and is double the cost.

For once the price of DLC seems to be pretty much in line with the price of the game itself.

The extra stuff is just extra stuff.

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Doctor Strangelove
Real Battlefield Veterinarian.
To me it seems to be more of a DLC pre-order than anything else.
Hup! Dos, Tres, Cuatro
+2,629|5168|Catherine Black
nah i'm done with this game

barely played btk, not gonna drop another £40 on it
Doctor Strangelove
Real Battlefield Veterinarian.
Next patch on June 4/5 for all platforms. … -announce/

Battlefield Blog wrote:

The next Battlefield 3 update goes live June 4-5 on all formats. As usual, the period between the last update and this upcoming one has been spent listening to our community, tweaking parameters, balancing performance, and eliminating issues that we have found with your help. In short, the June update will make sure Battlefield 3 plays even better.

The full June update change list is featured below. Changes are valid across all platforms (PC, PlayStation3, and Xbox 360) unless stated otherwise. The schedule for this update is:
PC and Xbox 360 worldwide: June 4th
PlayStation 3 in Japan/Asia: June 5th
PlayStation 3 in all other regions: June 4th

How to download the June update on your platform
PC: As soon as you start your Origin client, the latest game update will automatically start downloading (unless you’ve disabled the option “Automatically keep my games up to date”, in which case it will start downloading when you try to run the game). In Battlelog, you will be notified from the Game Manager. Once you acknowledge the update, it will start downloading within the Origin client.

PlayStation 3: When you start the game, you will be prompted that there is an update available. To continue, you must accept the update, which will install automatically.

Xbox 360: You will be prompted there is an update available. If you accept it, it will download. If you do not accept it at this time, you can find it manually in the in-game store or on Xbox Live Marketplace, named Multiplayer Update 3. If you do not locate it manually this way, you will be prompted again the next time you start the game.

Before we dive into the full change list, we would like to focus on a few of the biggest additions in this update. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

M26 dart situation resolved
Some of you have noticed lately how a certain loadout has been overpowered. When the M26 Lightweight Shotgun System was mounted under an assault rifle with a heavy barrel, the M26 would accidentally fire assault rifle bullets instead of shotgun pellets. This is fixed in the June update.

Somewhat reduced suppression effect
Since the last update, there has been an interesting debate on the increased suppression effect we introduced. While a lot of players like the increased effect and the possibilities it introduced, some players felt suppression was becoming too powerful. Now, we are dialing the suppression effect back a notch. It will still be higher than it was prior to any of our patches. Let us know what you think of this tweak.

Adding symbol for custom server rules (console)

The "§" makes it easier to spot servers running custom rules.

We know a lot of you want to know whether a server you’re about to join is running extreme custom rules (such as setting the ticket count to max, leading to marathon games). By adding a “§” symbol in the console server browser, we make it quicker and easier for you to make an informed decision on where to join and where not to.

The “§” (see image above) signifies a server running custom rules. Note that this can still be either a Ranked or Unranked server, as some rule changes will turn a server Unranked, while some (such as ticket counts) do not affect the server’s Ranked status.

We are not enforcing this symbol. Instead, the “§” is a manual optional flag you can set if you are a server admin and want players to know you are running custom rules. We hope this will make it easier for server admins to get the right players flocking to their servers, while players will more easily find the type of gaming experience they prefer. Let us know what you think.

Colorblind support (console)

No more accidental team kills! Click for full size.

Earlier, we introduced colorblind support for PC players. We are now very happy to extend this to console players as well. After installing the June update, you will find an option to turn colorblind support on in the options menu. This will affect the colors of HUD symbols to more clearly differentiate teams. You can see above what this will look like.

Improved VTOL fighter jet (F35) performance
Based on community feedback, we have improved the performance of the F35 in Back to Karkand to better match that of the SU35, particularly when it comes to turning speed.

Vehicle related changes
> Tweaked the F35 handling to more closely resemble that of the SU35 (see above).
> Jet & helicopter ECM Jammer should now deflect missiles more reliably when it is active.
> Fixed an issue where vehicles wouldn’t spawn if their intended space was occupied by a deployable gadget. The vehicle will now spawn as intended and the gadget will be destroyed in the process.
> Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds.
> Reduced the direct damage from unguided Javelins to require better side hits for a 1 hit disable. This was previously too forgiving and easy to accomplish.
> Removed the direct damage from aircraft launched guided missiles. Players will need to have laser designated targets for full effectiveness.
> Adjusted the helicopter rockets to their original prepatch damage value against armored vehicles. This is a reduction; a revert of a knock on effect that was introduced accidentally.
> Fixed the US Tank Guided Shell doing the reverse damage values when guided and unguided.
> Adjusted the M224 mortar damage against vehicles. Some tweaks and adjustments in a previous update accidentally increased its effectiveness greater than intended.
> Increased the range on the AA guns so they can reach vehicles hovering at the maximum height in select maps.
> Replaced the VDV buggy on Gulf of Oman (Back to Karkand) with the DPV buggy for both teams at the City flag.
> Fixed a bug where some vehicle unlocks were still enabled after the player left the vehicle.

Soldier and gadget related changes
> Reduced the inaccuracy added when in suppression. There is still an enhanced suppression compared to the initial state in the game, but the effect is now less than it was in the last patch (see above).
> Reduced input lag for gamepads/joysticks on all platforms. Aiming as a soldier when using a gamepad or joystick should now be more responsive.
> Tweaked the deploy times on gadgets to be faster to deploy in high stress combat situations.
> Greatly improved the responsiveness when deploying a bipod when going prone and shortly after moving.  The bipod deploy should no longer abort if the player deploys the bipod immediately after stopping.
> Fixed bug where you couldn’t deploy the mortar anywhere on Grand Bazaar.
> When changing the accessories of a weapon in the Customize screen, the weapon previously selected in the Deploy screen will now automatically be selected when entering the Accessories screen.
> Increased the effectiveness of the Aim Assist at close range. Testing in Close Quarters proved our current assist to be inadequate in tight quarters. This is a global change, and will improve the effectiveness of Aim Assist for all modes and maps. Aim Assist over distance is still significantly less effective. This is console only, as Aim Assist is not present on PC. If you prefer, you can also turn it off on console.
> Players will now spawn on the Radio Beacon looking in the same direction the Beacon is facing. The Beacon always faces in the direction the player is facing when it is planted. Previously the Beacon’s direction had no impact on the player’s spawn direction.
> The Spawn Preview camera on the Spawn Beacon has been updated to better reflect the direction the player will be looking when he spawns.
> 40mm smoke now stays longer again.
> Tweaked some tracers on sniper rounds to have better visibility at range (the tracers are smaller).
> Tweaked the flashlight so it is less blinding at the edge of the screen.
> Fixed bug where you couldn’t pick up your deployed gadgets after being revived.

Weapons related changes
> Fixed a bug where Heavy Barrels and Underslung Shotguns could be over powered. (This is the so called M26 dart issue, see above)
> All semi-automatic sniper rifles now properly have shorter range when using a suppressor.
> The L96 now properly shoots where the iron sights are aimed. The position was previously offset.
> The SKS now has the proper damage values when using a suppressor. The damage was previously too low at close range.
> Slightly reduced the suppression effect of SKS rounds.
> Decreased the long range damage of the SKS to highlight its close to medium range role.
> Slightly decreased the foregrip aimed accuracy penalty on the M4A1 to bring it in line with other guns.
> Slightly increased the foregrip aimed accuracy penalty on the SCAR-H to bring it in line with other guns.
> Reduced some of the vertical recoil and zoomed accuracy penalties added to the FAMAS in the previous update.
> F2000 foregrip accuracy penalty reduced and recoil reduction bonus increased.
> AEK971 foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
> SG553 foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
> FAMAS foregrip recoil reduction bonus increased.
> Fixed the M416’s M26 with Flechettes not having a name in the kill log.
> Fixed so all clip based LMGs have Extended Mags as an available unlock.
> All semi-automatic shotguns now fire at 220rpm. There was previously simply a small difference between them, whereas now they have different pellet counts instead of rates of fire.
> Improved the recoil and accuracy of the M26 to match the 870.
> Reduced the impact suppression has on shotguns. Shotguns are still affected by Suppression but it should no longer significantly impact their accuracy from the hip as it previously did.
> The 870’s pump speed has been increased slightly from 0.55 seconds to 0.48 seconds. The empty reload time for the 870 has also been reduced slightly.
> Improved the accuracy of aimed shotguns when on the move.
> The Saiga’s recoil has been reduced.
> The M1014 now fires 10 projectiles. The other semi auto shotguns have 9 pellets, and since the M1014 has a lower mag size and a slower reload it now fires 10 pellets to give it some edge.
> The USAS-12 now fires 7 projectiles.
> The MK3A1 now fires 8 projectiles.
> Fixed so the weapon’s fire mode is saved between spawns.

Miscellaneous changes
> Added colorblind option for consoles (see above).
> Added colorblind icon for squad leader (all formats).
> Added the option for console server admins to show a symbol in the server browser signifying custom rules are in effect (see above).
> Fixed an issue where footsteps couldn’t be heard behind you.
> Fixed so that the arming of an M-COM station will not be cancelled if you look at a dropped weapon.
> Fixed exploit where you could teleport to the AA gun on carriers by firing an EOD bot at its door.
> Fixed co-op ammo HUD not showing on first enter.
> Fixed so you get prompted if you really want to switch team when pressing the Switch team button.
> Fixed so that Assignments are being correctly sorted on the My Soldier\Assignments screen.
> Fixed issue with commorose not working on soldiers in vehicles (PC).
> Added blinking capture point icons in the 3D HUD, and added blinking neutral icons in objectives bar.
> Composed a more informative error message for when a console player attempts to rent a server in a location where there are currently no servers available.
> Fix for dog tag icons in the My Soldier/Assignments screen appearing slightly stretched.
> Fixed some tracers appearing behind the soldier or vehicle that fired them.
> Potential random audio crash fix.
tl;dr; M26+HBarrel fix, suppression scaled back, minor bug fixes and minor balance tweaks.

Pretty good I'd say. Took them long enough on the M26+HBarrel though.

> Fixed AA missiles not doing damage to vehicles moving at very high speeds.
I swear to god this has been noted in every single patch and it never works.
+3,936|5880|so randum
4 days to get the m26 whoring on
Small hourglass island
Always raining and foggy
Use an umbrella
'Light 'em up!'

I wish they'd fix the AN-94 so that it keeps the fire mode you were using before revive. Sucks big time when you had it on auto and suddenly have two-round burst against a crowd.

Also, seems a bit odd to replace the VDV with the DPV for the Russians on Gulf of Oman.
Da Blooze

Spidery_Yoda wrote:

It's pretty good value really.

BF3 came with 9 maps (13 if you pre-ordered), and Premium comes with 20 (16 if you pre-ordered) for just over the price of the original game. Plus all the extra vehicles, weapons etc. BF2: Special Forces for example came with 8 new maps and was £20. This has over double that (or exactly double for karkand owners) and is double the cost.

For once the price of DLC seems to be pretty much in line with the price of the game itself.

The extra stuff is just extra stuff.
I may just be too jaded re:BF3, but if ALL of these DLC combined comes even close to the quality of Special Forces, I will be fucking amazed. I put more time into Special Forces than I have put into BF3, which shows little hope of changing soon.

I'm not even counting B2K here, and Close Quarters - which looks terrible IMO - accounts for a lot of the additional weapons and other things they are advertising with this pack. Until they prove otherwise, I will assume that all of their forthcoming maps are each "equal to" about half of a BF2-era map in terms of both size and quality, so in that light Special Forces seems like just about as much content for $20 less.

Hopefully I am wrong about all of this, but any optimism I tried to maintain with this game was killed off with the last patch.
+3,936|5880|so randum
hopefully thats what's happening

> Fixed so the weapon’s fire mode is saved between spawns
i'd guess that would include revives
Small hourglass island
Always raining and foggy
Use an umbrella
The A W S M F O X
I Won't Deny It
damn can I reach 1k dart kills by the time it's patched

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