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I would like to remind you guys about a post from long ago ...

chuyskywalker wrote:

If you have nothing to contribute, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

A few members have found themselves bored of repeat topics by new people. They are jaded by the games, or just think there is little that hasn't already been said or done. They are taking joy in the art of annoying, derailing, insulting, and generally causing havoc in threads others make in earnest. I've been getting complaints of this type of behavior from the top members all the way to the newbs.

It's going to stop, and if that means a few of you end up getting removed from the site, then that's how it's going to stop.
Stay off the Battlefield threads if you don't have anything to contribute.
That Guy
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For the record, this guy has nothing to contribute. If you think about it logically, we've all seen these videos before. He makes a few new ones every month but they're all the same essentially. It's just another sniper video that we've seen before but with different music and a different map (sometimes the same map.) If you want people to contribute it should be new and exciting.

This whole section is pretty much dead, no sense trying to breathe life into a game that's 6 years old now. Maybe just combine all the battlefields into one section, and give each battlefield a sub section. Defending this gentleman and his repetitive sniper videos is not going to revive the forum.
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