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I had a 19" monitor, Now I have a 24".

The game flashes up the 2142 image. Then the screen goes black. Then I am put back to my desktop.

I have tried deleting the game cache and putting the "+szx 1920 +szy 1200" extension on the end of my launch shortcut.

Any Ideas?
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try lowering the in-game resolution , maybe your card is unable to push image that large in the resolution you're using
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right click on the game shortcut then properties then on target change it to: "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\BF2.exe" +menu 1 +widescreen 1 +szx 1440 +szy 900 (or wtv your size is, this is what I use for BF2)
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Did you look at Profiles? Because Default could be throwing it out. Delete all video.con files.
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