I'd like to praise -TBD-Fleo (sorry if I'm getting the name wrong, very shaky memory)

Last night he helped me get my helicopter service ribbon. I am a a superb chopper gunner. I am not a great pilot at all but can really cut some people up in that gun, and I'm like a surgeon with that TV missle. Why don't my stats reflect it? because A) I rarely get the chance to gun in someones chopper because they either have a consistent partner or won't let me, or B) If I DO get in I rarely seem lucky enough to find a pilot who can keep it airborn and understands how to set his gunner up.

This guy was outstanding, he knew all the ins and outs, like in chopper to chopper combat elevation is the key so you can fix your gun on the other guy. Once he also realized I was a competent gunner he also invited me into his squad and would make it a point to pick me up. nice guy, good player.

Finally, I LOVE the sound of the havoc's cannon. that's all!
Oh did you want that tank?
+0|6853|Mechanicsville, VA
If you ever wanna fly with me just send me an pm and ill send u back my sn and we can go pub somewhere together.  Im tryin to get into xw so if you wanna join me in thier TS bf2 channel I'll hook you up with the ip and password...
+0|6841|Wisconsin - Mooo...
Excellent points regarding a good chopper pilot.  How many times have I been a gunner in a Cobra and we get shot down due to the lack of understanding of elevation relative to the other bird?  When I fly the bathtubs - the Blackhawks and comparables - I always try to orient the bird at a downward angle so my door gunner has a chance at mowing down troops and vehicles.

Your right to call out this player.  Far too many people think it is their personal helicopter either for them only, or only for them and their buddy.  I undrestand wanting the chopper to rack up points, but I try to let other people have a shot at it too.

Nice post.
make it funny plz
i always fly with a guy named TAKERplhfg hes a good pilot to
Flying Solo
+98|6852|Canada, Ont
I have 3 Pilots I love to Be With When I Gun, They Really Know how To Hover and Evade.

I also Am a Exceptionaly Good pilot when my Internet isn't Taking a Dump, I Fly for Snake-Eyes-Jay... Fear Him...Hes Got one of the Most Deadly TV Missles I know.

(Ranked 170th For Choppers and Climbing)
Oh did you want that tank?
+0|6853|Mechanicsville, VA
Yea i've dropped over 200 ranks in the past 2 weeks.. i was 590 beginning of nov. im currently 352.
And still on a rampage.. went deathless last night for 6 consecutive rounds... 20-25 kills around myself... my gunner had 30-40. he was goin insane on the mic..

Than the other team preceeded to ram me and my gunner with every possible thing they could find... includingi our own planes, helicopters and as much aa as they could find.. it was hell but fun.

Last edited by shortah (2005-11-22 09:54:22)

I lover bomber pilots that don't try to get all the points themselves (ie. Bomb, head back to HQ, reload, Bomb, rinse and repeat.) They can get so much more points by allowing the Laser guided missle do it's job. I've been with exactly one pilot that knew the elevation to be at to give me optimal locks and would only head back to base while I was reloading (I'd let him know when I've spent my missles,) or if we needed repairs. We ended up 1st and 2nd on clean sweep at the end of the round two rounds in a row.
an an average pilot but as a gunner all i can say is ill take em down...how do u shoot the tv guided missles on the jets...they seem more complicated that the ones on the heli
They are not TV guided they are Laser Guided missles are strictly A2G (air to ground) hitting flying targets is luck at best. Basically you must get a lock on a ground target and maintain lock it will ALWAYS kill if you can maintain lock long enough... which all a good pilot needs to do is stay on course with a decent elevation. You can only target ground vehicles, but you can get luck shots off by aiming, not as easy as TV guided for non-vehicles.

Last edited by =DS=Unit92 (2005-11-23 13:10:32)

I always seem to be screwed in a helo so I haven't been playing them much.  One of 3 things happens.

1.  I can't find anyone around to be a gunner.  So then I am at a disadvantage with no TV guided magic.

2.  I find a gunner and he's a total noob.  He doesn't know where any of the stinger sites are and never uses the TV guided missle.  I do my best to line him up on prime targets and even if there's 10 infantry guys all in plain view he won't manage to kill any of them.

3.  I end up being the gunner and the pilot is a total noob.  He tries to strafe everything.  Never lines me up when a tank is in plain view.  Basically he flies as though he has no gunner.  To make matters worst he takes damage and never goes back to repair.
I know the feeling, Slick.  Same things happen to me.

I love both flying and gunning, I'll work with any of you any time I see y'all on a server.
Shoot that guy ->
Best pilot I've ever flown with was joeboo222, or something like that. I finished on Dragon Valley with 34 kills. He was amazing at setting me up, and we took out probably 10 tanks, 5 other helicopters, and plenty of infantry.

AmBiTiOnZ23 wrote:

Best pilot I've ever flown with was joeboo222, or something like that. I finished on Dragon Valley with 34 kills. He was amazing at setting me up, and we took out probably 10 tanks, 5 other helicopters, and plenty of infantry.
Now see I love settin guys up like that.  It can really screw the other team's tickets.  I go hover perfectly at the right place.  The guy I usually end up with must be expecting a magic missle from me to kill everyone.  They never seem to realize I am hovering and keeping the chopper steady so THEY can make the kills.  I get driver assists so its cool.

I did get one good guy on Surge? (sorry not familiar with all the map names yet).  We did awesome.  We had all of the control points except for their main and they all kept coming out of the warehouse roof.  I held it steady there and he raped them with the guns.  Call it base raping if you want.  We neurtalized other spawns before we headed over there.  When you own all the CPs on the map what are you supposed to do?  Go take a nap in a corner?  Sorry its a game.  Its not like you die in real life.  I have been on the raper and rapee end.  I've had my fair share of death streaks.  Its just part of the game.
Horseman 77
Reminds me of " WetWillyWhip " or " FlipinMonkey " Who rode in my tank from flag to flag at karkland. Getting out to repair me. Help cap Flags ETC. We had a great run, When tank Finally gave out. It took to of our own with it and I got kik for TK.

Ahem... Caps ok dshak ?
Me and my boy math do pretty good as a team.  Check video, he's flying.

good its fun
Here's some good t.v. guided footage from last weekened, he's one crazy pilot/gunner!
+2|6904|North Texas
Me and a couple of my squad mates do rather well in a chopper. Me and  -=URA=-EasyTarget were in a chopper on Wake 2 days ago, tearing up the tanks and cobras. We were doing fine capping flags and tank killing when we kept getting rammed by an id10t who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 10 paces.
He did it 3-4 times without firing a single shot at us to begin with. I figured he had his weapons switched to bombing so we wouldn't hear him comming.
very annoying

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