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A freind told me that his cousin let a lady sleep at his aparment, coz she didnt have a place to sleep.
This was a very fat lady, but she could sleep at the freind if she paid to the apartment money.
She agreed, and she got a little room with a little bed. Then one day, when she wasn't home her roomate ( My Freind Cousin ) could smell urin and a REAL strong sence of shit in the air. He went to the fat ladys room, and the smell got stronger. He opened the door, and could see that the bed was looking strange.

He walked over and he pulled the carpet off, and THEN...

The bed was covered in shit and urin. There was bottles with urin in, shit ALL OVER the bed, it was almost a braun bed. The was also a lot of blood in the bed.

And the story goes on.
But I can tell that the police tried to find her, and the cousin search for PRO CLEANING SERVICE.
OMG it was sooo bad. He found out that the lady hat been shitting herself on purpose and urined in the bottles. Everytime she took a dump, she painted herself with the shit. ( PSYCHO ! ) And everytime she did that, she just took some clothes, and tried to cover the shit. So there was just about 7 stores with clothes and shit....... OMG ! Anyone who has a MINDLESS STORY TO TELL. BTW this was a REAL ONE ! REALLY ! OMG !
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THATS GROSS!   Morale of the story: dont let the homeless sleep in your bed.
I will give my vote to that....

DAMN she IS fat :S
im a fucking .....well not now
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