well, this is the thread in which I will make announcements concerning the EU server and these subforums for everyone to see:

1. Special Forces and AF/EF nights on rotating weekdays every two weeks. The EU server will run SF maps / EF,AF maps only once per week, so watch out. First AF/EF night will be on the 27.07.06, then it's on a two-week-rotation. The actual day may vary, so please check the server regularly.

2. Please keep your comments on-topic. I have directed the admins here to edit all posts that are off-topic. We will enforce this heavily, as spamming has gotten out of line lately.

3. This subforum is for issues around bf2s.com ranked servers only. Our servers, if you will. New threads about other servers / advertising / complaining will be promptly deleted.

4. Forgot to mention it: no answers please. This is only for announcements, discussions can be conducted in one of the other threads. sorry voltage.

5. As many of you know or might have heard, we prefer a teamplay approach on the EU server, even though it is public. Thus, we encourage players to join suaqds and even have created "official" [bf2s] squads that consist of server/forum regulars. If you want to know more about this concept or want to be part of a [bf2s] squad, check out the squad member section, which can be found here: http://forums.bf2s.com/viewtopic.php?id=22111

6. As a follow-up to 5., we have set up a TS server ( thx to the friendly guys from the bmb clan ). If you are looking for proper communication, feel free to join and speak up.
TS IP: PW: zocken
When connecting, please remember to join the appropriate subchannel. You should alwyays be in a subchannel with those who are also in your squad on the server.

7. As of today, 03-07-06, the discussion on the EU server rules has ended with a unanimous decision by all
EU server admins. We have decided with a 12-0 vote to leave all old rules in effect. Thus, arty on uncaps, base bombing uncaps, and base raping uncaps is prohibited, and offenders will be kicked / banned, eventually without prior warning. So beware....read the discussion here: http://forums.bf2s.com/viewtopic.php?id=17805.

thread will be stickied, closed and updated regularly.