Are the expansion packs worth it?

AF is but the rest aren't16%16% - 27
They all are37%37% - 63
Nah19%19% - 32
Cake!26%26% - 44
Total: 166
Whirlybird Guy
+20|5884|Windermere, GB
I havn't got any but I'm thinking of getting all 3 at once.
Microsoft Poster Child
+83|6030|Vancouver BC Canada
I voted cake because it's a better investment.
I own all except for AF,which i plan to shortly, but really there only $10 so w/e.

It disturbs me that cake is ahead of 'they all are' and 'AF'
Microsoft Poster Child
+83|6030|Vancouver BC Canada
But cake owns SF, and hell, just the icing alone kicks the crap outta EF

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Canada's French Frog
+123|5961|Quebec city, Canada
I think SF is worth it. The maps are cool, great atmosphere, etc etc

I dont think EF is worth it but AF, yes
To me, SF was not worth it.

I haven't played it much, so I shouldn't really say that but I can only say I wasn't too impressed with it.

Euro Force I don't like at all.

Armed Forces is much better... has it's quirks but so does vanilla BF2.
+190|5960|Home of the Escalade Herds
You missed SF...

SF and AF were worth it, euro trash was not.

I hope there are more full featured expansions like SF in the future and not these little shit boosters.
prince of insufficient light
I'd get AF first, play a while, if you likethat go to SF, and if you really, really liked them both get EF.
"Bow Chicka Bow Wow." The correct way.
I like them all, if you can't get one though, I'd eliminate Euro Forces.
I've got em all and hosestly, don't regret the purchases.  True, paying 10 bucks for a glorified patch is a bit excessive, but it is worth it in my opinion.
Use the bumper, that's what its for!
+103|5928|Lexington, Kentucky
Personally, I have them all. But I play SF and AF most. Those get my votes.
Only thing that pisses me off... all the EF servers switched over to AF, just about.
+31|5853|Olathe, KS, USA
I love AF and SF. As for EF, I have it but I can never find any servers for it.... But as far AF and SF go, they rock! I would love to see EA come out with a patch to make the initial BF2 maps available for SF and vice-versa.
If you have not bought them by now I would not.  BF 2142 is supposed to come out in 4 months.

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+24|5870|Sweden is banned from hell ;)
I have bought them all - and I like them all.

My thought is that it's just different types of gameplay. (Many in here do not like EF.. I really love The Wall, and the EU shotgun.. pow.. single shot in the head.. and he jumps in the air.. so nice).

The only change I'd like to see.. was to be able to use all weapons as you wished.. EF weapons in SF and AF.. but that will not happen I guess.

About the maps, and vehichles.. some Rocks, some don't.. perhaps it is just to learn how to use them better?

See you all on the Battlefield (Vanilla, SF, EF or/and AF).

I"m rather fond of cake myself

I'd play EF more if I could find more servers.

I'll get AF when I feel like it
+70|5979|The Netherlands
IMO they're all worth it but I shouldn't buy EF if I were you because nobody plays it anymore
I love AF and EF but for EF there are no servers for a 16 man Great Wall... 16 man Great Wall is the best cuz the AA suck in the walls anyway and its basically infantry only which pwns... atleast i like it...
Its worth it in my opinion. A good change from bf2. when evern I get bored with bf2 I just switch to ef or af and play them. 10 bucks is an alright price in my opinion.
+39|6095|B O S T ON area

FurryJello wrote:

If you have not bought them by now I would not.  BF 2142 is supposed to come out in 4 months.
no cake for u!!!
Missing, Presumed Dead

Ive got them all, and I like all of them, especially EF (with Smoke as my most played map).
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AF and SF are worth it.  Ef is ok, but only get it if you like armor.
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Delta_38DS wrote:

AF and SF are worth it.  Ef is ok, but only get it if you like armor.
+301|6130|Denver, CO
+6|5841|international waters
i only have SF and maps werent bad but i prefer normal bf2. i not going to buy EF and AF because i didnt saw a high number of servers. And what will hapen with booster packs when bf2 servers go down?

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