The X stands for
+1,801|5772|eXtreme to the maX
We need global warming to save Hawkeye.
Русский военный корабль, иди на хуй!
SuperJail Warden
Gone Forever
He wanted to be a "country guy." So he plowed snow.
Then his truck ran him over. Entirely avoidable situation if he didn't want to be a "country guy." Wanting to be a homo country guy nearly ended his life. Maybe his career now too since now he is a cripple. But he got to be a county guy. Almost died like one.

He could have just stayed in Hollywood and lived with two hot white girls while riding this Disney thing into the ground.
But he wanted to be a country guy instead. I will never understand it.

No idea from the reading why it started rolling, but it's a good reason to throw on the parking brake and chock your tires when you leave a vehicle like that.

I think you're being kind of unfair and a bit mean-spirited about it even if nobody reads this site. He was doing volunteer work, being a community asset. If you rented a snowplow to clear a grandma's driveway you'd be all over the place here talking about what a kind person you are.

Balaam described the road Renner was clearing as a private road, not maintained by the county.
Could have happened to anybody else and you'd probably be like "oh well, that's part of the job."

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