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A friend mentioned to me a murder-suicide in Pennsylvania over a snow shoveling dispute. There's security cam video/audio of it that is fairly decent quality. The people in the video seem disagreeable, and the clarity of the sound makes it very upsetting to watch. However, equally as distressing to me is the comments of people taking the "they fucked around and found out" or "they deserved it" attitudes. It should be so much of a higher bar to even think about using a gun to resolve a dispute, but a sizable amount think it's appropriate over a snow dispute? Even if there's been issues in the past, it's still an unacceptable escalation.

I don't understand how people act as if a fully armed society is "polite". There would still be plenty of angry people trying to quickly get their gratification. I don't want to find different routes to work to go around the everyday shootouts. I don't want to have to be armed to defend/be on equal ground with some unhinged manchild. The lack of respect for human life and having some basic fucking decency is appalling.
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Most gun rights people are cowards and manchildren. I have never been in any situation where I felt I needed a gun to protect myself. The people who talk about guns creating polite societies are always right wingers with warped ideas of respect and manhood. Respect of course in their mind is a one way road where everyone should be deferential to them.

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