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lil_droo wrote:

Some of it has to do with being circumcised which I am and probably jnumbers as well like most normal Americans. I guess uncut dicks have more sensitivity or something. And that can be a curse or a blessing but orgasms feel the same and that's what counts

I'd still rather be cut any day tho. Way more aesthetic, girls prefer it, more hygienic, and even tho I'm not particularly religious at least I feel like I'm somewhat sticking to my roots (my mom is jewish)
Yep, I'm circumsized and I've heard from at least one American woman that she thinks uncut dicks are really weird.  I think it's like Uziq said though, it's just what American women are probably used to seeing, not because it's necessarily any better or worse.

My dick is one of the things I least worry about because there's so little you can realistically do to change anything about it.  Penile augmentation surgery is highly risky and as I understand it: The smaller you are, the less of a return you can potentially get from it anyway.  I'm happy just to be on the lower end of average because it could be a lot worse than that, and not all of us can have a 7" kielbasa.

Dauntless wrote:

That's awesome jnumbers!

So what happened with the girl? You still see her or is it onwards and upwards?
We still work together in the same department and we were still very close for a while after, which was cool having such an intimate connection with a coworker and knowing somebody really had my back at work.  But she did a lot of things that rubbed me the wrong way like talking about how nice it is to be dating a guy that has his own house now, when she knows that that's not at all within my financial means because I make over 6 dollars less an hour than her(she negotiated her pay and I didn't because I was just desperate to get out of my old job), and I'm insecure about not having my own place at my age.  And also just casually talking to me like I'm one of the girls about the new guy she's seeing, which I eventually brought up and asked her to stop.  We're still pretty close at work, but not like we were, it just seemed like she really wanted to rub that new relationship in my face for a while.  And she does genuinely seem a lot happier with him, even if I can tell she still cares about me a little.

Dating her again is not an option I would consider, we don't have enough things in common and I'm not into all the freaky BDSM shit that she would probably want with sex once I was actually experienced enough to fully enjoy sex myself.  I was also starting to get anxious going over to her house because it would always end up with us just venting to each other the whole night and being completely inadequate therapists for one another for multiple hours, while also watching Netflix all night as she once again continues to work her way through her daily half a thirty pack of Natty Boh.  And then we'd also eventually fight about something, usually it was when she didn't think I was trying hard enough to fix my life, and sometimes she would berate me for it until I was in tears.  I had foreseen this well in advance of dating anybody and it's one of the reasons I never gave myself a chance.  I'm so used to just surviving life that it's very hard for me to move forward at a normal pace, so I never felt like I had any business getting anybody romantically caught up with me.  Originally she just wanted to fuck me and then I moved it in the relationship direction in order to get comfortable enough to have sex for the very first time.

I tried to push for sex with the hot black chick at work on Thursday, but I guess I fucked something up in my timing because she doesn't seem interested in actually getting together, even though she's been sending me nudes and talking about sex with other dudes a lot.  It really makes me start feeling out of my element again when I have no idea what I did wrong.

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