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RogueArmr, should probably read better as Rogue Armourer

Rogue - bit of a comic fan in my youth (all those years ago lol) and used to read 2000AD avidly, and my fave character, yep, Rogue Trooper

Armourer - easy really, it's my trade in the forces 

Gordon's actually my last name. Used LtGordon in Battlefield Vietnam (forgot what I had in 1942, but I changed nicks a lot then based on what I thought sounded neat). No reason for the particular rank other than that the Lt seems to get shot a lot in Vietnam movies, so it became my BFV regular, and is what I used to reserve my BF2 nick.
Missing in Action
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My latest nickname in BF2 is Scarlet_(+)_Hara. I chose it because a psychic once told me that I had a past life as a young woman living in the southern United States during the Scarlet O'Hara days. ^_^ So I thought it would be nice to watch people in BF2 get pwned by Scarlet O'Hara. xD

This is funny, because shortly after I started playing BF2, I saw someone playing with me in Karkand as "Counterstrike > BF2." A friend of mine from another game tried to train me in CS once he migrated there. I hated it. It's pretty amazing seeing myself progress over the years in BF2.... keep the same accuracy, but my kdr went from being less than 1 to 1.55, to maxing out at 1.9 something with Scarlet O'Hara. I can now do things in BF2 that simply were not possible for me when I started playing years ago.

LT.Victim wrote:

So, the Question Here is How did you Make Up your BF2 Nick... From other games? Parents? Friends? army... so on..

I got mine from playing CS. CS was my first FPS Game, and i only played it for less then a month before i got BF2.. Anyways I got owned so much in CS, that i thought i might as well just be called Victim, since Everyone kills me so much.. Someone Mentioned on the Server that i should be called "LT.Victim" Because i was probably the worst player Ever..

So once i got BF2, i carried my name over to BF2, and haven't Touched CS Since... For the First Little While.. people liked to say stuff like - "Ya you are my Victim" and stuff... But now they dont say Shit...

I think i've came along way from Getting owned on CS... and BF2 at the start...

Afterall, we all have to start Somewhere..
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Jens P M

My name bro
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Served with NATO USAREUR 1977-1981 70th Trans.  =77ColdWarVet81=
BF2 was my 2nd online game, (1st was CoD+2 and there i was Spitfire) but i wanted something more contemporary and more "warlike" so i was looking around looking for somthing cool, and my eyes fell upon this old fps game called DEVASTATION it was love at first sight

so i made it into DEVASTATOR and cos i knew that 2142 was coming out soon and i so wanted to play that i added 2149 (cos 2142 was taken) so now i just say that 2149 was the year i enlisted in the EU army and then i travelled back in time to 2007 to stop the US-Chinese war on none other than Wake island xD !

I recently found out about a Dycepticon Transformer  by the name of Devastator and boy was i proud
New York Yankees
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NYY wrote:

New York Yankees
Good post fail
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

way to bump a thread, bro

"coz you a far cry from acclaim nigga ubisoft"

Gunslinger403 wrote:

NYY wrote:

New York Yankees
Good post fail
reply fail
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Guns don't kill people. . . joe bidens advice does
to throw people off of my true location

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