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Camm wrote:

m3thod wrote:

piers morgan vs rooney/rio/graeme rooney/owen on twitter is halairious
Link me up brother.
just join twitter and follow them:!/piersmorgan!/WayneRooney!/rioferdy5!/themichaelowen
Blackbelts are just whitebelts who have never quit.
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PrivateVendetta wrote:

So united got raped.

fucked your team up too many times have we? owned
Toilet Sex
one love, one pig

themichaelowen michael owen
The lads are gutted but we have no complaints. Barcelona are an exceptional team and are worthy Champions. We still had a great season.

sums it up

i'll still be there in Manchester applauding them for the season. we had a far better season than any English team. anyone who is happy by how we lost the champions league final is bitter, end of. and to be honest i love it, it shows Man Utd are the best in England.

and by some stretch.

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