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Hey guys, I'm running a Modern Warfare 2 tournament for charity at my school for an assignment. Trouble is, I have 70+ people signed up, and I was wondering if there was some sort of free tournament scheduling software I could use? Help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, we have 4 people playing a match in FFA format so the program can't assume that only 2 oppositions are facing off at a time.
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Whiteboard and marker?
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yes, I've been doing that, but it's been kind of a pain
i was just wondering if there would be an easier alternative, lol
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Do you have the resources?? You're gonna need a a big switch XD

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Yeah there....but i cant remember what its called but haibai knows it, he recommended it to cammrobb for the beauty pageant. PM him.
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Meow :3 :3
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Thanks so much guys, karma for all.

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