I posted this over at the EA help forums and they didn't do crap, so before i reinstall the hole thing i figured i would post it here.

Ok, well, today i just got Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition. I install the game and just as i figured (sense EF and AF where like this) it said i needed to register. So, i started up the game, logged in with my EA account, made a guy and played for a bit. Then i got off, used the activation link that was on my desktop. Typed in my CD key, logged in to my ea account (same one i used for the bf2 boosters), got a bit confused (i didn't have a persona or know wtf it was, so, i just put in my bf2142 guys name and the same password as my EA account). Then i hit next and it said that i had registered. So, i get back on bf2142 and when i try and join it says i need the NS booster pack to join this server or what ever. So, i figured il wate till the patch (1.50) finishes downloading and try it then. Still doesn't work. Did i mess something up in installation or when i was registering or what?
Also, Ive search though theses forums and the EA bf2142 help forums and found nothing.

Another thing, im not shure if its normal, but, in mods all i have is bf2142, and im starting to wonder if the installer installed NS or if it somehow skiped it.

Any ideil would be great.