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+127|5687|Dublin, Ireland
Me and a few of my friends are doing a magazine and a website focused on irish gaming. It will consist of reviews, news, and other pages such as tips for your pc etc. There are two of us involved in the same clan. And I was thinking that it would be cool to have a page posting advertisements for clans UK and Irish based. If you would like your clan advertised then post your name a link and a comment. Example:

Dirty Heroes Clan
UK and europe based clan which play a wide range from MMORPG to FPS and RTS.

It won't cost you anything for your clanname to be put up. It's just for gamers benefit.
something else
This sounds cool

Kill not think later!
Uk and Europe (world wide) clan which is based on bf2multigaming clan. Here you can have more than enough fun
How 'bout dem Cowboys?
+45|5673|Flower Mound, TX

Elite Special Forces

We have SOME british members

Last edited by shadowcell_01 (2007-12-25 06:22:24)

Why Not..... 5 year old clan - many games etc ...
The oldest chav in the world
+2,423|5802|Cardiff, Capital of Wales

Uk Clan

Bf2 and Cod4 just to name two games we play

20+ only accepted as members

Policed by Mature Admins.

32 man server

Thursday is INf Only
Tank Troll
+71|5817|London, UK
{mEr} Clan

UK and European Clan

BF2 & 2142 Multi-gaming clan

BF 2142 Server
28 man server PB streaming

Rules ingame and admins boot for killing them (only joke )
I Want a New Duck
+43|5695|Up a tree
~{TPP}~  The Pink Panthers

Multi-gaming community

12 gaming servers
1 50 slot ventrilo
CB! Clan

UK clan, but happy to recruit any decent European BF2 players with confident English.
Full time cunt.
+111|5109|United Kingdom
Somebody Else's Problem


UK clan accepts Europeans, play any game, mainly BF2 and CoD4.
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  • Do YOU want to advertise your clan? (UK/Irish-focused on Irish gaming)

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