Your noob mate isn't giving you ammo? Your commander keeps striking orbital strike on you teammates instead of your enemy? Your commander is being a complete jerk hiding in titan AA gun just to get 70 pts and a gold star at the end of round, while doing absolutely nothing? Here's your solution!


Payback time!

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Lol I enjoy the FAV ramming into teammates ... I did that once and he kept TKing me with his Voss until he got banned for TKing +1
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I did better, once I took an APC, the guy shouted " GET OUT OF THIS VEHICLE YOU MOTHERF**ER ". I didnt, he suicided, went support, and kept EMPing my vehicle, and he was continuously insulting me when I couldn't move...and he got kicked for bad language xD ! love this guy
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Never thought of the titan idea, however I did have a teammate lay rdx at my feet and blow me 20 feet into the air right before the gunship spawned so he could have it (FF=off)

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