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I also have to try a joystick to fly...
mouse and keyboard are good for helis but for planes....:s
U dont  need a joystick
Wow! A lot of posts that quickly! Tnx guys! I used to have a Logitech Extreme 3D pro for BF1942, but after a month or so it just kept going left and no matter how much i recabilbrated it stayed there. Ive scrolled thourgh that aviator guide and that guy recommends a Microsoft Sidewinder. Are those any good? Atm, im suck between a Sidewinder and a Saitek.

Also, how can you fly planes with a keyboard and mouse setup? I can fly helis with that but planes go too dont react fast enough with that. Ill check he aviato guide to see what settings he used.
u mm a logitech wingman or something like a sony play station controller is awesome for flying helis .. you have much better control over your throttle and maneuvers that you can pull off vs a mouse/keyboard.

I know I have used or use one so I can say with expereince that it is much better, I thought mouse keyboard was just fukin fine till I tired a Wingman controller, wayyy better ... wait and you'll see ..also practice with one for a bit before you play ... you'll love it I am sure ...

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I <3 ak101
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Little BaBy JESUS wrote:

S.Lythberg wrote:


screw the joystick, theres not really enough room on my desk for it anyway.  As long as you aren't fighting an ace pilot, you'll do fine without a joystick.
Agreed mate... me and my G5 mouse can out manouver any pilot i have ever encounted
You haven't encountered very many pilots then
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-=[HL]=-Phatmatt wrote:

Computer_Guy wrote:

ONLY fly jets with your joystick, otherwise get good with your mouse and keyboard for helis.
Listen to this man!
logitech extreme 3D pro
Don't be that guy
best joystick IMO is a mouse and a keyboard
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teamorange wrote:

best joystick IMO is a mouse and a keyboard
I don't really like to say anything on this subject, as I have before (almost 2 years ago in fact) and it's always the same flame-war of m+k vs joystick.

I just find it funny that most people who say m+k and you click their stats and it says all you need to know. Honestly why not just try a joystick for a week (not just 2 hours) before you act like you actually know what use a joystick can be.

IMO you haven't even flown with a joystick... I appreciate that M+K can be just fine for a chopper, and it really helps to solo this way. But we're talking about planes FFS you think people would learn that that is what joysticks really are for!
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I hate joysticks, i just don't like the feel of them

I prefer mouse and keyboard pretty much all the way, simply because it feels better.  Most of the really good pilots i ahve known fly Mouse and keyboard, at least for helicopter, and several for planes...
have you ever tried soloing with a joystick?  Thats not easy stuff...

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