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So I was browsing for servers in the BF2 menu when I clicked on a Taiwan server with 4000 ping without realizing it.... and BF2 froze like it always does when a server's ping is ridiculously high.
I waited a good 15 minutes and BF2 was still frozen so I held down the power button and shut off the computer. When I tried starting it back up, it loaded normally until I got to my desktop and all my startup programs were being loaded, then a blank frame flashed up for a couple milliseconds and when it dissapeared, there were about 5 random green pixels around my screen (I'm on a CRT so its not dead pixels).
Then the monitor went blank, and a blue screen came up that said IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Happens every time I try to reboot.

Right now I am in safe mode w/ networking.

Superior Mind
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omg sounds like you fuxed up, don't you know Taiwan sends out super aids earthquake signals that destroy all machines they touch?

but really i dont know, try system restore?

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It's your mouse's fault!

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+129|6462|Texas.. getting out asap

{M5}Sniper3 wrote:

It's your mouse's fault!
It's when I start my computer and I don't have a Logitech mouse.


Pentium 4 3.00Ghz
1024 MB RAM @ 400Mhz
7600GT 256MB
Creative! 24 Bit Sound
Dell standard mobo

I feel like I'm forgetting something but I will just edit it if I find out what
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Just to be clear, you're not overclocking are you? That's a common sort of crash with unstable overclocks.

But whatever's causing it invalid IRQ OS calls are gonna crash your system.

The green dots suggest it could be something to do with your GPU, possibly memory errors causing invalid responses which give you invalid IRQs? Try a different GPU in there and see if that works.
Mad Ad
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cooked your ram lately?
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shit happens, I had a BSOD a few months back while playing BF2, I had to reinstall windows,  It managed to screw up everything.
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Sounds to me like a complete reinstall of everything may be in order.

If that doesn't help, you've fucked some part of your hardware.
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try getting the stop message and search for it on the internet for more specific answers
same Irql_not_less_or_equal problem on my pc
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