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Hey guys i found a really cool feature in BF2142. You can change the cross hair color, just like in BF2, BUT it changes the color of the cross hairs EVEN IN THE SCOPES of many of the weapons. I set my cross hairs to neon green, then i loaded up a game and grabbed my Zellar sniper rifle, the one with the semi-annoying red scope, but now the scope is red with beautifully contrasting neon green cross hairs!!! you wouldn't believe how much easer it makes taking accurate shots. Call me cheap or whatever but my sniper accuracy has greatly improved because of this cool contrast!!! Plus the green cross hairs help with all the other weps. too...

Just a tip for you all to enjoy...

-BTW 1+ is greatly appreciated!!!

EDIT: you can change the crosshair color from the "HUD" settings under "Game Settings"

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jkohlc wrote:

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Looks like someone forgot the "stop posting pointless pictures" rule. Chuy will be cross.

On topic, changing the colour of the crosshairs is widely known, but not everybody knows about it. The washed out colour schemes of the 2142 maps really do lend themselves to using a different coloured cross hair, and it also changes the colour of the cross hairs in the vehicles.

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Wow. I hadn't given this must consideration, but it might be a good idea... I'll give you +1 for your initiative, and for the fact that you have to suffer some ill remarks from all-knowing comrades.
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this tip is awful
10/10 thanks for this, never knew changing the crosshair colour changed the crosshair colour on the sniper crosshairs
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I had forgotten that you could do that - and didn't know that it worked in scope zoom +1 to you
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IsaacLeavitt wrote:

Fearmesnipers wrote:

10/10 thanks for this, never knew changing the crosshair colour changed the crosshair colour on the sniper crosshairs
i posted this cause in BF2 when you changed your cross hair color it only changed the normal cross hairs, but in BF2142 it even changes the cross hairs in some of the scopes including the Sniper Rifle scopes.

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i already knew about this but it was nice you posted it.
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Also; the guy tried to help out, you are thanked for displaying your mature behavior!

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