Awsome!!38%38% - 59
Its ok39%39% - 60
Meh..9%9% - 14
i can c i getting old fast6%6% - 10
hate it5%5% - 9
Total: 152
Was ist Loos?
....wut do u guys say? i personally am already bored of it. its impossible to defend when ur MEC.
Quick on the draw...
+33|6575|the land of plenty
I like it cause the combat is tight. Just like my girlfriend.
Good in city fighting and nice open areas for more action.
BF2s AU Server Admin
+315|6612|Melbourne, Australia.

destruktion_6143 wrote:

its impossible to defend when ur MEC.
Not really.
I played 5-10 rounds just before, most as MEC and they defended almost all of the time.
+8|6516|Liverpool U.K
Yes am bored of it too, camp city or tank n00b heaven. Take your pic .
+202|6680|New York
yea i agree....def not a map i will get too into...but like all the others i will play it just for a change in scene....i mean its alright but...i definately see and have experienced both sides of arguments....
It was fun during the first 2 rounds then get boring.  The servers I was on had tanks camping on the hills pointing down at MEC flags.  C4 jeepers.  Lots of accidental tks from cars.
+98|6689|Penrith, N.S.W, Australia
i love it
cunning n' quick
+35|6481|United States
City is well put together. Alot of alley ways & most buildings have ladders for climbing up onto them. Alot of MG nests placed around the city, make for good defensive spots. USMC apporach to the city can come from 1 of 2 directions. Either follow the main road and get involved in a large firefight or flank around left towards the lake and expect alot of anti-tank defense, and enter the city there.

"Awesome" in my opinion.
The Original BF2 Timelord
meh... its not good, but its not bad either.
+140|6518|Armidale, NSW, Australia

x.:Shackleton:.x wrote:

I like it cause the combat is tight. Just like my girlfriend.
Your thingy must be bigger than mine.
With regards to Jalalabaad, has anyone noticed that the MEC spawns China Jeeps from wake island (I think it's wake, they're green with a red star)?  I noticed this at the MEC point closest to US base and also the second closest. (sorry if this has been pointed out already).  Bit lazy, no?

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Mad Ad
+178|6542|England, UK
Yup - bored of it already too

just 90% of patched servers seem to be running it atm, got fed up and come here instead.
Frosties > Cornflakes

Snipers heaven
+519|6653|Gold coast, Aus.

Bell wrote:

Snipers heaven
its instantly awesome now. (haven;t played it.)
+186|6591|The real world
MEC loses, allways
mavrick 3399
+102|6573|Doncaster UK
there is only ever too kits sniper and anti tank, now i play sniper alot and it was good to be on a new map not knowing which buildings people can get on, keeps you on your toes like a sniper should be.

but lots of anti tank noobs shooting you from point blank with a missile so that mite get just a little bit annoying.
Vela Incident
+1,652|6599|NYC / Hamburg

meh is all i can say. in fact i've lost my appatite for bf2 in general: what will i do when 2142 beta is over and i dont feel like poe2
*commits suicide*
once upon a midnight dreary, while i pron surfed, weak and weary, over many a strange and spurious site of ' hot  xxx galore'. While i clicked my fav'rite bookmark, suddenly there came a warning, and my heart was filled with mourning, mourning for my dear amour, " 'Tis not possible!", i muttered, " give me back my free hardcore!"..... quoth the server, 404.
Will fly for food.
+120|6540|Daytona Beach, FL

elmo1337 wrote:

MEC loses, allways
I've already won twice as MEC.. out of four wins.
got any popo lolo intersting?

plenty of sniping spots to discover. like made 4 me absolutely.
main battle tank karthus medikopter 117 megamegapowershot gg
Haven't played it too much, but one problem I've encountered is the big tall hotel building.  On one of the rounds I played, two snipers and a support guy got up there, and basically spammed grenades over the side, making the flag at the bottom impossible to capture.  The snipers kept a steady stream of claymores on the ladder, so that going that way was just suicide, and the building is too tall to either get a decent counter-snipe shot on or to get a grenade to the top of.

Basically, if your commander sucks and doesn't pay attention, a small squad on top of that tower is impossible to dislodge.  It took ages for our commander to respond to the pleas of us poor grunts and drop arty on top of the hotel tower, and even then it took two attempts to finish them off, 'cause arty drops aren't the most reliably accurate things in the world, are they?

Anyway, I'm sure we'll figure out a way to take care of people up there, but for now it's a pain in the arse.  Other than that, the map seems like a lot of fun.  Decent mix of combat styles.  It's a great place for an engineer with a pump-shotgun or MP7, lots of good places for mines and the terrain is tight enough to suit your weapons.
Cowboy from Hell
I would voted awesome, if it weren't impossible to make it as MEC.
+45|6617|Bristol, UK
Jalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallabad is stupid. You get everyone up at the first flag as MEC defending that.. great.. except for the fact that the US can go from the lake flag and cut right through the middle of the city, and take all the flags there in about three seconds flat. You will hold your assets as MEC commander for about 2 minutes.

I thought the map looked ok in screenshots, but I didn't realise that there's a crossing across the lake! What's the point of having a lake if the armour can just roll across the crossing and rape the main city? Seriously, it's so dumb. It's like Sharqi having a bridge going from their north uncap to the tv station!!
Cowboy from Hell
When a dude says Karkand sucks, I think this guy is kiddin right?  The perfect balance of Karkand is the lack of Jalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalabababababad.

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