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Reminds me of Freedom Fighters for PS2.

Seeing as its an MMO though, I imagine a monthly fee might be needed
Gulf coast redneck hippy
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Dont like the HUD.  A good HUD is one that does its job when you need to look at it without drawing too much attention to itself.

Also what is the setting?  Like post-apocalypse or just very F'ed up future?
'Light 'em up!'

Post-pandemic I think.
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Is it exclusively online? It seems pretty cool but I doubt that everyone would coordinate themselves so efficiently when its released.
That Guy
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I'm sure if you got a bunch of your friends together online it would be sweet. Doesn't seem like a lone wolf type of MMO.

I might get this one, looks ballin.
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looks sweet, does remind me of freedom fighters too which i loved, an mmo version of that would be awesome.

this is on pc or what?
Hector: Ding, ding, ding, ding...
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Looks good, but I'm getting tired of the "must highlight everything that might look useful" stuff. Seems to be just a slow paced Battlefield game so far with some interaction elements. Gonna pass this one.
Missing, Presumed Dead

The HUD, cover and gameplay mechanics look just like GR Future Soldier. I hope this is a much better game than GR as I like this idea
Not really sure how it'll work, but I'm liking the look of all these next gen games

Last edited by bennisboy (2013-06-12 12:32:09)

all the next-gen games look incredibly hi-def, as you'd expect, but i somehow have my doubts that any of them will play as smoothly and beautifully as an old quake/ut engine game. that's the big tragedy, really. movement in games like quake was almost poetry - took so much skill in-itself. all these new high-concept games look phenomenal, but their 'feel' normally falls flat.

will have to wait and see...
Gulf coast redneck hippy
+731|5544|Tampa Bay Florida
All the actual movement/gameplay in third person only games tend to suck ass.  Ghost Recon, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, etc. etc. are clunky and play like shit.  I guess thats the trade off, when you have an open world with hundreds of npcs walking around, but still.  Especially when it comes to ranged/shooting guns, these games tend to be several bars lower than fps. 

The only time I like third person is when its a first person game that allows you to switch cameras.  Rainbow 6 vegas, Skyrim, etc.  Modern warfare 2 handled it pretty well, but unfortunately it never took off.

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