Like the title says, what is your best unplanned kill. (i.e. you didnt know that you were going to kill him /her, etc)

Mine as follows =

(1) Killing an enemy Abrams w/ 2 claymores (it was already damaged a bit)
(2) Hunting a talented sniper, positioning my reticule on his head, shooting one round, just as another player spawns next to him, killing the spawned player with a headshot. -->


Mowing down lots of people with my PKM, then recalling what team I was on.
bad touch

pre 1.2, putting mines around the BH on mashtuur, and when it spawned, chucked a nade at the advancing peoples. boom
+129|6521|Eastern USA
Dodging 2 planes with attack chopper again and again. Then, when they both come in, I proceed to pull a very hard right, and turn almost vertically down. I look back in time to see both planes crash:

PoorSucker1 [TeamKills] PoorSucker2
PoorSucker1 is no more
+163|6585|Odessa, Ukraine
TV missile into Mi-28 on Kubra. Didn't noticed our teammates stole it ...
+163|6585|Odessa, Ukraine

SaladForks wrote:

Dodging 2 planes with attack chopper again and again. Then, when they both come in, I proceed to pull a very hard right, and turn almost vertically down. I look back in time to see both planes crash:

PoorSucker1 [TeamKills] PoorSucker2
PoorSucker1 is no more
Lol , nice , I should practice this trick
prince of insufficient light
Spamming random flags with the BH guns pre-1.2 and getting two kills.
+25|6575|NY, USA
I was chasing an F35B in my J-10 on Wake Island, and let off two missiles as he turned and flared.  My missiles jerked off and put a direct hit on an enemy Cobra, getting me two kills.  Mind you this is with v 1.22 and the Cobra is usually IMPOSSIBLE to hit with a J-10's missiles.
i was waiting for chopper @ sharqi and when it flew back to our base i started shooting at it with my pistol... then the Enemy chopper came and launched his toothpick missles ( yes they nerfed it too much ), our chopper exploded

warchaser[teamkills]player X
warchaser[teamkills]player z
Hunting a J10 with my F35, fired all my missiles. Got a lot of kills (One transport and one attack-heli)but the J10 still flew.
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+879|6660|Sydney, Australia
Im in the chinese tank on wake, an F-35 is coming in to finish me off. I spray a little MG fire and then let rip with the cannon... I somehow destroyed the F-35

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S!l3nt But D3adly
+86|6543|Pickle Village
throwing a grenade under those big gas tanks near heli's only to watch a teammate sprint past and fly into the air.
+18|6699|Os , Norway
Proning in a back ally of karkand face to face with 5 enemies taking them all out with PKM , them making my face burn almost of by firering back at me, the last fu.... leaves a claymore in front of me before dying and kills me!!! ROFL!! HE HE! Just love the PKM!!
Missing, Presumed Dead

1) Taking out 3 helis in 3 main gun shots from a Challenger on Smoke Screen (followed by a plane later on in the same round with the main gun)
2) AT kit - fired a random rocket into the air on Clean Sweep where some of our teams tracers were going, and let it go. Didnt know whether they were shooting a heli or a plane. About 4 seconds later...got 6 kills from killing a transport heli !!
3) Sniping the pilot out of a Cobra with an M95, and then the cobra landing smack onto an enemy tank below
+3,611|6560|London, England
Fired/Spammed loads of HJ-8 rockets into the USMC mainbase on Cleansweep (one right at the tip of the island) and got a couple of kills. Once i saw an attack chopper so i spotted it for team-mates and accidently fired it at the same time, and i'm just keeping the reticule just around it not even near it, the chopper is like out of view and i somehow end up with 2 kills. I think it was more along the lines of being as unlucky as flying into a random HJ-8 rocket.

Loads of times i randomly spray things with the Jet's cannons and i somehow kill something. Get loads of random tank kills by using the gun like it's artillery. Spraying the hills on Karkand with that Mounted RPK get's loads of random kills too...

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mmmf mmmf mmmf
+1,735|6676|Oxferd Ohire
f-15 flying right towards me on clean sweep.
the pilot was diving right for me but i was under cover
fired my m4 at him and killed him.
wreckage would've kill me if not for cover
Took out someone with a single shot with my G3.  Didn't see him, didn't know he was there, just accidentally took a shot into some smoke and got him.

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Artying square when it was white with four enmies there, a tank rolls in and owns them, half my team rushes in (about 6 people) killing them AND the tank with my arty. One guy flew RIGHT into my sat screen, i laughed so hard I cried.
Most unplanned TK is a tie between the time I shot my teammate out of a blackhawk with a PKM, or when I shot my friend out of a Cobra with a grenade launcher.

Most unplanned enemy kill.... hermm.......I can't really think of any off the top of my head.
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+879|6660|Sydney, Australia
Another of mine was on the map with the river, coming the the Aircraft carrier. Chinese air base up the other end... dunno the name.

I was on the US team, and spawned at the carrier, but all the planes/helis were gone. I decided to hop into the phalanx, and I started firing randomly. Suddenly I see mcminty [uss essex] "sniper guy". I had just killed a sniper camping on the hill, overlooking the carrier
Randomly shooting my M16A2 at a stolen Black Hawk on Mashtuur at the power station flag, blowing it up with a single round and killing all three inside, only to see the wreck crash down into a fully loaded friendly Vodnik.

mikkel [M16A2] Poor Guy 1
mikkel [M16A2] Poor Guy 2
mikkel [M16A2] Poor Guy 3
mikkel [teamkills] Poor Guy 4
mikkel [teamkills] Poor Guy 5
mikkel [teamkills] Poor Guy 6
mikkel [teamkills] Poor Guy 7

All from one little rifle round.
+17|6605|newcastle , N.S.W , Australia
randomley throwing smoke grandes then pulled out my pistol unloaded a full round into the smoke and killed some one i never heard of. ACE

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Mass Media Casualty

I jumped into an alley on Karkand with my Mp7 blazing. Took out five people. There were two people there, one dead. They revived the dead one while I was shooting, and two more guys spawned on the newly revived guy so I got them too.
I just kept my finger on the trigger and in one direction, didn't get one shot fired back at me.
It's why the Mp7 is my favourite weapon at the moment.
[Blinking eyes thing]
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Raiders of the Lost Bear

Heh. I just had one UBER momenet yesterday.

Behind the buildings @ Market the narrow alleyway? I came rushing down with the M16A2 took out 3 people with all my ammo, switched to grenade to prepare to drop and run, I see a medic round the corner with the defibs held out. He dives at one of the guys to revive him, I hurl the grenade STRAIGHT at the medic killing him, and it blows killing the guy he just revived. I was laughing so hard over TS the guys thought I went mad.
+27|6582|Melbourne, Australia
I remember my funniest kill.

Was flying the Su fighter (stolen) as US, and i saw the enemy helo starting to take off on the pad. So i wheel around and come in over the arty, from the left side of the map, and unleashed hell with my guns. This was pre-1.2 so i didnt even think about the missles. Little did i notice, as you pass the big round oil storage tank there is a slender little aerial tower. As i scream in, i notice the pole at the last split second and go "ahh shit!" and smash my left wing off. However, to my utter delight and amazement, the wreckage sails gracefully on and hits the transport helo full on the side. BOOM goes the chopper, and 4 kills to my pure and utter luck.

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