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I get a request like this about once a month, a random adds me then starts a request for the TF2 medal. Always the medal.

I string them along til I get bored, usually just try to see how badly they would rip another person of their items.

It can be fun acting like I'm new to the trade system though and troll along for a bit.

eg just now:

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joystick1: hello:)
Aussie Reaper: hi
joystick1: wpuld u trade items in tf2?
Aussie Reaper: yeah sure. why?
joystick1: do u want to trade some things?
Aussie Reaper: havent played tf2 in a while so probably dont have some of the latest stuff
You have accepted the trade request from joystick1.
joystick1: your medal trade ?
Aussie Reaper: that one?
joystick1: yes and
joystick1: ..
joystick1: Unusual Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker
joystick1: or your green items
joystick1: what do u want ? for them ?
Aussie Reaper: ok
Aussie Reaper: will trade those
joystick1: for ?
Aussie Reaper: i dont know what u have
joystick1: hmm want keys?
joystick1: hats?
joystick1: weapons?
Aussie Reaper: i never get lucky with keys
joystick1: do u want weapons?
joystick1: metal?/paint?
Aussie Reaper: no.
joystick1: strange?
Aussie Reaper: what hats do u have?
Aussie Reaper: strange?
joystick1: this strange
Aussie Reaper: okay cool
Aussie Reaper: what else do you have also
joystick1: want to see weapons?
joystick1: or misc
Aussie Reaper: i have the shield
joystick1: ?
Aussie Reaper: do u have anything from the heavy?
joystick1: this vintage
joystick1: ?
Aussie Reaper: i have that already.
Aussie Reaper: i want to play more heavy so would like heavy stuff if u have any
joystick1: i am have someting cool
joystick1: this for heavy
Aussie Reaper: cool
Aussie Reaper: ok
joystick1: can u add someting more?
joystick1: like Vintage Dead Ringer?
Aussie Reaper: how do you see my inventory?
joystick1: proflie
joystick1: can u ?
Aussie Reaper: ok cool. 1 sec
Aussie Reaper: 1 or 2?
joystick1: 2?
Aussie Reaper: cool
Aussie Reaper: thats 8 items each
joystick1: click ready
Aussie Reaper: is there more u want first? i like some of ur items
joystick1: yes the black paint and some crate
joystick1: but clikc ready plz
Aussie Reaper: create + click ?
Aussie Reaper: "crate"
joystick1: hmm ok
Aussie Reaper: thx
joystick1: u want crates? \
Aussie Reaper: yes
Aussie Reaper: a crate and key [plz
joystick1: can u add the black paint?
joystick1: id i add key
joystick1: if
joystick1: ?
Aussie Reaper: ok
joystick1: ?
Aussie Reaper: can't believe you would try to rip someone like that. that's pretty low
joystick1: ?
joystick1: why don't you trade?
Aussie Reaper: try it on an 8 year old next time
joystick1: -.-
joystick1: you didn't have to accept the trade then!

Seriously, this is what the game has been reduced to. Damn valve.
There is.
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It's like that in every game with trading, mainly MMOs. You get the people who suck just trying to be nice to hopeful nubs and snake their way to decent gear.


Not in FFXI, though
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That was funny to read. You could almost see the twat giggling as he thought he had scored big.

People always ask me for my "Bill's Hat" as well as the Headtaker. With the latter they always lie about how you can make another. It's weird, they are low and scrounging enough to beg and simper for items but then every one of them thinks they are clever enough to undersell you. S'pose that's not actually all that weird.
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got any popo lolo intersting?

the early days of trading were gold

i earned about $300 through trading
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anyone still play?
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Hipsters probably.
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