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Which class are you enjoying the most so far?

iii Assault23%23% - 15
+ Medic26%26% - 17
--C Engineer29%29% - 19
(+) Recon21%21% - 14
Total: 65

So far it's been the medic for me. Have more points on that than all the other kits combined. It's way too easy... or maybe I just found my niche. LMGs are rape, and now that the defibs actually work, you can go on a massive revive spree. Oh, and then the specializations... Not only can you unlock increased medic kit range, you can unlock a faster healing rate... and use them both at the same time! Way too easy.

I thought I'd be spending more time as engineer since that's where most of my beta play went.
+718|5696|Austin, Texas
Recon, and once I get the shotty upgrades, I'll probably roll with a shottie. I use the auto shottie/pump shottie a bit, but without some of the upgrades they're quite weak. I emptied 6 rounds of the auto shottie into 2 enemies from about 12 feet away, all hits. They both turned around and killed me.

I'll probably move to engineer after I get myself all the recon stuff. I want the M95....
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Nicely done class symbols!
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+562|5889|Purplicious Wisconsin
In the betas I liked assault the best. I especially loved the an94 man that gun was just pure awesome, a perfect blend of sniper rifle and assault rifle merged into 1 gun. Wouldn't mind getting the m14(all time favorite rifle) or the g3 though.
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Assault is the best.
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Assault, but I just unlocked the M95 and it's a beast, so Sniper second.

Engineer impact wrenching people for the only humiliating kill in the game is . Also I hate the grenade launcher it just doesnt feel battlefieldish
Edit: Ive takken out a few tanks with the impact wrench so hilarious wish it gave dog tags though.

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Seriously, fuck off.
+103|5864|"The Empire"
Depends what mood im in. They all have things going for them, even the sniper kit.
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+280|5650|Foothills of S. Carolina

I prefer the Engineer to the others, recon and medic are 2nd, assault last. But I am a tank whore, so go figure......

dill13 wrote:

Engineer impact wrenching people for the only humiliating kill in the game is .
One time I was circling around a tank with the wrench going, and as I'm circling a recon runs up to put C4. Needless to say, my little drill kept going, went from the tank, onto his head for a kill, then back onto the tank again

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M60 + heavy barrel + reddot/4x (depending on map)= mowdown, a shitload of squad heals and revives and im always on the top 2 of my team

my k/d ratio usually sucks because i focus on getting out the health but who cares

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+2,006|4533|London, England
I voted engineer but ever since I unlocked the mortars it's been recon hands down.
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[email protected] wrote:

I voted engineer but ever since I unlocked the mortars it's been recon hands down.
Same on both. I just like calling in mortar strikes on the roofs other snipers are camping on. Or if I see an enemy UAV I just send some mortars near the uav controls.
+718|5696|Austin, Texas
Am I the only one who uses mortar to take down mcom buildings? It opens them up pretty easily and is super easy to do from just about anywhere.

2000 recon pts away from m95, come to papa!
Medic I just like to heal and my most favorite revives. than it recon assault and engeiniers
Damn, I... had something for this
+725|5615|Brisbane, Australia

Engineer for me.

Every time I play another class I come across a tank or a damaged friendly tank and just think "god damn it".

4k points from the UMP, PP2000 seems to be unstoppable though.
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+874|5850|Canberra, AUS
Although I <33333333333 the XM8, Medic and Engi is the staple for me. Mind you I've barely started.
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+1,652|5743|NYC / Hamburg

engi. Assault and Medi guns are useless in my hands and I don't like sniping.
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+1,010|5461|Denmark aka Automotive Hell
Recon / Engi / Medic / Assault

They are all fun in their own aspectes..

But since I got more points & time on it... I voted Recon... VSS is awsmsauce for the allround sniper

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+1,060|5621|The Land of Scott Walker
Engineer and a close second for assault.
+149|5398|teh FIN-land
why oh why did they need to put a noob toob in this game as well? Just once will someone have the balls to NOT include a fuckin noob toob

oh and medic btw.
why people keep complaining about Gl it not like rpg , tank, chopper , nade , campy snipers, apc and uav chopper alose  killing you one shot in unfaire disadvantage not to mention  it way harder to Gl in bad companys then in bf2 , because if you simply not far enougf it wont kill *but still explos -_-;;*

let me give you an example of not having ball , in Bf2 Karkand infantrie with more than 40 player, it result with constant camping nade trowing , I often saw a 2-3 people at medium-close range trowing nade at me instead of shoting , that make them a pussy , they clearly having the advantage but they just keep on spaming nade :S nad most of time they fail cause im a med or I see they them trowing nade and im running away to a cover and kick they ass
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+452|4564|Fuck this.
Make X-meds a full member, for the sake of 15 year old anal gangbang porn watchers everywhere!
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It´s almost incredible how cheap that is made...

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