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complete non-story, the mac pro tower has always been exorbitantly expensive and only bought by industry/businesses and written off as tax deductibles. in other news, herman miller chairs are expensive.

you forgot to mention the $1,000 monitor stand for their industry-standard reference monitor.

I didn't exactly present this information as if it were some grand revelation. Just that next to it, the laptops are refreshingly cheap. The video you posted went on at some length about the pricing, as do many other reviews.

e: At a point where it's still well within my budget to pick one up sometime this year even on top of slapping replacement MB/CPU/RAM in my PC tower. Separating gaming from my work devices is an attractive prospect for me.

e2: Spent awhile fiddling around with one on display at Best Buy today. Responsive, clean. Smooth operating for Final Cut. Best trackpad I've used so far. Good keyboard. Garbage acoustics in the store, so I didn't bother listening, but I'll trust the feedback I've read. The biggest detraction for me is the lack of a built-in numberpad, but given an option I would still take the speakers.

Am jelly.

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