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Thanks to Finray for a lovely little synopsis.

Finray wrote:


In the beginning there was a god named Aion who ruled over a world called Atreia. This god created a race of intelligent entities to act as his servants (in likeness to angels) whom he called the Balaur. After some time passed the Balaur disobeyed Aion's wishes and rebelled against their creator. The god Aion then created the 12 Empyrean Lords. The Empyrean Lords in turn created a barrier which prevented the Balaur from attacking the humans charged under their protection. Within this barrier all things were safe. The Balaur ravaged and destroyed many of the living things residing outside of the barrier.

Some humans, living within the safety of the barrier, learned how to harness some of the same energy as the Empyrean Lords, known as aether. Such humans were called Daeva and, like the Empyrean Lords, had wings. With time, enough Daevas were born to form an army. Ten of the Empyrean Lords led these Daevas into battle against the Balaur, while the remaining two were the guardians of the Tower of Eternity, the embodiment of the god Aion. The war with the Balaur lasted for hundreds of years until one of the guardians of the tower announced that they should find a way to make peace with the Balaur. Five of the Empyrean Lords vehemently disagreed. However, the second guardian of the tower was swayed to peace. The Balaur were invited into the tower for peace talks. It is unclear what happened at that point. One of the Balaur lords lay wounded on the floor and the rest proceeded to attack the tower. The two Guardians attempted to raise the shield by going to opposite ends of the tower. However, they were unsuccessful and the tower, along with the world, shattered in two. As their final act, the two guardians sacrificed their lives in order to protect a part of Atreia. With Atreia severed, the survivors banded together to face their new world. Of the original twelve, ten of the Empyrean Lords survived. Five who had opposed peace and claimed that the weakness of the rest of the lords had allowed the Balaur to attack them reigned over the dark part of the world, becoming known as the Shedim Lords. The other five reigned over the light-covered bottom part of Atreia and claim that it was the Shedim Lord's actions that caused the breaking of the tower. They are known as the Seraphim Lords.

The new shape of the world also reshaped its inhabitants. Those that lived in the light part of the world saw little change except for an increase in their beauty. These followers of the Seraphim Lords called themselves Elyos and created the city of Sanctum. The inhabitants of the upper part of the world saw many changes. Having to walk on ground strewn with fragments of the tower, their feet became talons. Having to fight against beasts, their hands became claw-like. Furthermore, the darkness made their complexion change and their eyes grew red adapting to the absence of light. They call themselves Asmodians and live in the city of Pandemonium under the rule of the Shedim Lords.


There are four primary classes, and eight specialized classes in the game. Players start the game by choosing one of the four primary classes: Warrior, Mage, Scout, or Priest. After attaining level 10, the players are given the choice to choose from the two specialized classes associated with that base class. This allows players to get a feel for the playstyle of the class before making a major decision as to which class to play for the rest of the game.

Each faction will have a slight variation in class skills once they reach the first promotion at level 10. Higher-level players can tailor their character further, with each profession offering two advanced classes, bringing the total number of character types available up to eight.


Mages have weak physical combat ability but they can launch devastatingly powerful magic attacks. There are two specializations possible for mages: Spiritmasters and Sorcerers.


The sorcerer follows the path of magic, mastering the elements of water, fire, wind, and earth. A sorcerer's skill set becomes very diverse as their combat ability evolves.

    * Special ability: Long range damage spells
    * Play style: Magical ranged damage dealer


Spiritmasters are the only summoning class in the game. They can control water, fire, earth, and air spirits.

    * Special ability: Summoning powerful elemental spirits
    * Play style: A pet class with ranged DPS power

The challenge for the Spiritmaster comes from recognizing which element to call on at a given time. Earth spirits hold strong defensive abilities, Fire spirits excel in close range attacks, Water spirits concentrate on healing powers and ranged DPS, and Wind spirits are proficient at speed as well as melee and magic attacks.


Spiritual warriors, priests can use healing and self-protection spells to excel in melee combat, and launch powerful ranged magic attacks too. This makes them not only useful support characters in a party of adventurers, but also powerful combatants in their own right. There are two priest specializations: Clerics and Chanters.


The Chanter is primarily a buff provider, but also has access to healing and damage spells as well.

    * Special ability: Fortification magic using healing and mantras
    * Play style: Healing, buffing. In an emergency a chanter can fight in close range combat using a magic staff or, similar to the cleric, mace and shield combination.


Healer class. Able to raise the dead.

    * Special ability: Healing and protection
    * Play style: Able to use a mace and shield and 2 handed staffs.


The scout combines great agility with swift attacks. Scouts can specialize into one of two sub-classes: Ranger or Assassin.


Assassins are experts in deft movement and the silent termination of their target.

    * Special ability: Striking without detection
    * Play style: Stealth DPS


    * Special ability: Range diversity of attack
    * Play style: Ranged DPS with traps


Warriors excel in close-quarter combat. Strong performers in a wide range of situations, Warriors are relatively easy to master. Warriors can specialize into one of two sub-classes: gladiators, who concentrate on dealing damage (DPS), or templars, who combine fierce fighting with defensive chants and techniques (tanks).


Gladiators can use many types of weapons, ranging from swords to halberds.

    * Special ability: Close combat
    * Play style: Close combat DPS along with good AoE capability.


Fighting with a sword in one hand and a shield in the other, the Templar is both guardian and fierce combatant. To remain effective, the Templar should stay on or close to the front firing line.

    * Special ability: Protection chants
    * Play style: Tanking



    * The game uses a heavily modified version of the CryEngine (originally developed by Crytek, now owned by Ubisoft).
    * Aion won GameAmp's 2006 E3 MMORPG "Best Graphics" Award.

Character customization

The character creation system allows for a great deal of character customization. Players will be able to radically adjust height / weight & scale the size of body parts. Different hair styles, skin colors, facial textures and voices can also be chosen. Further detailing can be found in the selection of eye colors and tattoos for the character's face and body.

The game will also allow a player to reuse the graphic of a weapon or an armor that they like and craft it with the statistics of a different item. This adds another layer of customization and strategy and allow players to control the look of their avatar without sacrificing the better stats of an item that they find visually unappealing.[10] With this system you can also alter the colors of your armor to make your avatar more visually distinctive.


Most of the music was created by Ryo Kunihiko. A sample of the soundtrack is available on the official European and Chinese sites.

Skill chains

As a character progresses in the game, they will learn additional skills, some of which form part of a Skill Chain. A skill chain is a group of skills that as each skill is used, unlocks the next skill in the chain. Generally the skills at the end of the chain are much more powerful.

PvPvE system

The end game of Aion will revolve around battles within the Abyss (PvP zone). Within the Abyss are castles which can be controlled by individual Legions (Aion equivalent of a guild). Battle for control of these castles involves combat against players of the opposing faction and computer controlled NPCs at the same time, using siege weapons obtained from end game PvE raid content. Legions in control of a castle are entitled to funding from taxes and players within the faction get specials from NPCs. The game currently does not allow factions to fight against those of their own race, except for casual duels.

The participation in PvP is rewarded with PvP "Points" (called Abyss Points in the game). The game ranks players as battles are won against fellow players. At higher ranks the character's wings will change in appearance to show the character's elevated status. Also certain items can be purchased with these points such as high-end armor and weapons.


Raids will consist of up to 4 groups with up to 6 players per group for a maximum of 24 players in a single raid.


There are 6 Production professions and 2 Extracting (gathering) professions.

Collection professions gather raw materials and ingredients from resources found while exploring the world.

Crafting professions create useful items from raw materials. The current crafting professions are:

    * Weaponsmithing
    * Armorsmithing
    * Sewing
    * Handiwork
    * Alchemy
    * Cooking

Items from crafting skills can help in combat and some are essential for capturing castles in the Abyss.

Cost to Play

South Korean gamers pay for time cards that allow them to play the game to the extent of time they purchased. NA/EU NCSoft will be charging US$14.99 per month when the game is released. … f_Eternity
Just saw this pop up on Steam, looks like your standard MMORPG. Anyone heard anything about it or seen any reviews? Looks like $50 + monthly fee. The reviews put on the steam page sound generous.

"It is fantastically gorgeous, with thousands of little details to gorge on."
-, June 2009

"The screenshots don't do this world justice at all. It's true epic fantasy."
- Examiner, June 2009

"The world of Aion is high fantasy at its finest."
-, August 2008!
Though they don't mention gameplay. Is it a standard hack and slash? Could it be... actually interesting? Off to research!

Looks graphically pleasing, at least a lot more so than WOW or WAR. Still fairly hack and slash from what I can tell, but at least a little bit more movement based. Wings may reduce the lameness of "walk 5 minutes SW to kill 20 NPCs" boredom. Still reserving judgment.

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meh looks like cabal all over again..... no thanks
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DO WANT! Already been beta testing. It's really fun. Flying combat FTW!
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It's already the second most popular MMO (under WoW), and hasn't been released in the west.

That said, after a bit of reading, I'll probably pass. I'm waiting for the first company to make a FPS MMO, or one that's not fantasy themed...

Looks like any other MMORPG, except most of the other ones are free to play...

Couple that with the fact MMOs are probably the most tedious games on earth, populated by seemingly nothing but complete retards with the social skills of a skunk with rabies and you've got yourself a real winner.
I just want guild wars 2
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Bevo wrote:

It's already the second most popular MMO (under WoW), and hasn't been released in the west.

That said, after a bit of reading, I'll probably pass. I'm waiting for the first company to make a FPS MMO, or one that's not fantasy themed...
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=NHB=Shadow wrote:

I just want guild wars 2
What he said.

Doctor Strangelove wrote:

Bevo wrote:

It's already the second most popular MMO (under WoW), and hasn't been released in the west.

That said, after a bit of reading, I'll probably pass. I'm waiting for the first company to make a FPS MMO, or one that's not fantasy themed...
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Huxley TBH, though I'm in the beta and it's got it's faults, mainly the horrible lag in multiplayer matches due to it being hosted by one of the players, I'm hoping they add a proper server for it.
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Apparently its a massive grindfest (and yes, MMO's are all grindfests, but there is different types of grind).

I might try it out still.
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Same fantasy shit again...god, these game devs don't have imagination Give us some steampunk, post-apocaliptic or sci-fi RPG ffs.
fuck it
Have been following it for a few years. Uses the Far Cry 1 engine. Plenty of games exactly like it that don't charge monthly fees.

Longbow wrote:

Give us some steampunk, post-apocaliptic or sci-fi RPG ffs.

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Jestar wrote:

=NHB=Shadow wrote:

I just want guild wars 2
What he said.
What they said.

TimmmmaaaaH wrote:

Apparently its a massive grindfest (and yes, MMO's are all grindfests, but there is different types of grind).

I might try it out still.
Guild Wars isn't a grind fest.

If you grind in that game, you're doing it wrong.
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Some guy mentioned this in CoD4 the other day. It does look a lot like WoW, but with better graphics. Definately one I'm going to check out.
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DefCon-17 wrote:

TimmmmaaaaH wrote:

Apparently its a massive grindfest (and yes, MMO's are all grindfests, but there is different types of grind).

I might try it out still.
Guild Wars isn't a grind fest.

If you grind in that game, you're doing it wrong.
Yes, I didnt mention GW because I dont consider it an mmo. (nothing against the game).
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They need to do a game like this that is in the modern area with guns and shit. None of this fantasy crap.
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I downloaded the client, and connected to a private server. Nothing works at the moment, all you can do is walk about the place and chat to other people. There was maybe 10-20 people at the starting area just sitting about and talking about the game.

Went for a walk, and got some screenshots. Click for 1280x1024.

But yeah, it's a really really pretty game, and as you can see I'm getting sometimes up to 75 FPS, on maximum graphics. Really efficient engine, considering I'm running it on a lowly 4670.
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next mmorpg i want to play is blade and soul.

it looks bloody amazing.

also, pay to play mmos are nothing like free to play ones. the experience is almost completely different.
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K, my little bro has just spent a few weeks in the beta.

He raves about it. Recently picked up a copy of PC PowerPlay (Aussie gaming mag) which ran a feature. They were very positive too. From the sound of it, PvP gets pretty fucked up with the areal combat going on with the tanks able to knock people out of the sky, the pure ranged DPS class apparently rapes the face off anything it can see that's at around the same level as it, healers are supposedly impossible to solo things with, ganking is about 9000 worse with the stealth class of Aion because it can fly etc. etc... All the usual MMO balance complaints with the added complication of flying abilities.

Launch of the full game for Europe, North America and Australia is in a few days, with some sort of 'head start' program running for beta testers/limited edition owners etc starting in around 22 hours (4:30am or something here ). Will play for a week after work and probs give you guys a rundown next weekend.

Oh and high end characters have access to something similar to CoD's perk system for combat, being able to swap in and out a certain number of special abilities. Will be interesting to see how that pans out.

Btw making a male avatar that doesn't look like a 12 year old/emo/eunuch is nigh on impossible without turning your character into a giant. Even then they can still look like a girl.

@ Krappy: Isn't that one from NCsoft too?

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Whoa... Can't believe these forums are still kicking.
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Looks gay to me, story sounds childish.

Bevo wrote:

It's already the second most popular MMO (under WoW), and hasn't been released in the west.

That said, after a bit of reading, I'll probably pass. I'm waiting for the first company to make a FPS MMO, or one that's not fantasy themed...
There has been such things, and there are some being developed right now. Look up Global Agenda and MAG.

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