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I read an interesting article the other day, it may have been in The Guardian or The Times, about the 'seedier' start-up history of Facebook, back in its infancy during the Harvard days... apparently it was started up as a sort of co-project between a CompSci geek with the know-how and a bunch of preppy fratboys, for the purpose of basically making it easy to see all the hot, date-worthy girls on campus. Almost like a social-networking version of 'Hot or Not?' or one of those picture-rating websites. Strange how their model and design moulded to hit the profitable sweetspot.
yea I guess the rumor was the guy who developed Facebook stole the idea from some of his friends and then later on he got sued, but he settled the case out of court for 60 million
Yeah, his friends were the aforementioned frat-house preps, basically the hunks that wanted the site to be set-up so they could easily pick up hawt chicks. Of course the CompSci genius guy won the law case, those guys were just there probably to be shat through the business school to become typical mindless yuppies.
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I wonder how many accounts are duplicate. I know a couple of people who made new accounts as the  forgot their password.
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Does anyone else get sad when an acquittance quits Facebook? I don't post to Facebook often but I still like reading what people are up to and sending Happy Birthdays etc.
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How do you find these posts? I thought search was broken

Been fixed for a bit? Re: mac, kind of sucked when someone left a messenger/icq circle or whatever back in the day, or when they stop playing a game a group of friends are still involved in. Couldn't care less about facebook. It deserves to dip below 250 users.

One of the first threads with your involvement that come up in search results is this one:

The 15-year-old who posted this BF2 match complaint 15 years ago is now 30. Let that sink in.

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