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was wondering what the best coolers were. i'm on a socket 478 setup, and i would like to know what would be the best for my computer. CPU at 75* under load, but i would love to lower it a bit. i ordered an arctic cooler heatsink/fan and it didnt' fit...but oh well...i'm looking into water cooling but i'm not too sure my case will hold all the components. any bad as water cooling units out there?  what do you reccomend?

i was wondering what kind of cooling units you guys use with your processor. for now, i've got the stock intel. sucks...but hey it's getting me through.

so what is the best cooling units out there (GPU & CPU)?
I posted this in your other thread. It's gotten good reviews, and will suite your needss, as long as your not an avid overclocker. … mp;CatId=0

Or, you could go with a thermaltake CPU fan like this one. … 6835106032
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Zalman - CNPS9500 LED
also check here for a review of the Kings of cool

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All those coolers are ok, but the water cooling is expensive and the Zalman is damn dangerous, it can break your motherboard if you move around your computer alot. Go for a Xp-120 with a good fan. It has very good performance and a low weight. Only thing thats bad is its size.

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