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Yep karkand, yep grenade, yep, I hate bf2 now, 2142 ftw
nice job there #1.  is it possible to allow more lines to appear in the killed scroll?  so that if i have 12 kills from one nade, it'll show all 12 at once?

can someone link me to the file that gives the +2 bonus message?

and also, where i can find those files and what all can be customized?  thanks a mil!

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slicknic wrote:

wats wrong w/ u people lol.. cant u say awsome! and move on ><

i know ive never killed 9 people w/ one grenade.. and even if i had.. id do the same thing

i suppose some people have pride issues.

and even if hes lieing(which i dont think he is).. who cares! lol wats accusing him of lieing gonna do ><. 

heh.. just my .02

oh and.. awsome!
Finally! Someone with brains. Everyone acts like it takes no skill and that they could easily do it.

Riddick: 1) No, you can't show more than 5. 2) 3) I'm not totally sure, I just downloaded Ringmaster's.

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