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Seth Infinite
+3|5691|Houston, The Republic of Texas
Recently upgraded my computer and in the process went with RoaRunner cable modem and Moozilla Firefox 1.5. I seem to have a lot of problems navigating and connecting to new windows. I get a lot of "waiting for" and time outs. Once I'm in a new window everything is hunkydory with fast downloads, it's just the connection problem. Even here, when I posted my last message it took 2 tries because my first one timed out.

My firewall and antivirus is all disabled. Any suggestions?
Kilroy Is Here!
+81|5796|Bryan/College Station, TX
Try the full version of Mozilla and see if it's a funny Firefox 1.5 bug.

You mentioned that if you open a new window it's fine. So I'm going to assume that you could open 4 Firefox separate windows and it would all work fine with no internet issues. Correct?
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