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ok so i have 6 unlocks but dont know what too choose. I already unlocked the ganz tree, defib, and up to sprint recovery for abilities. I hate playing engineer and i heard many good things about the Voss, Baur, and Lambert...but i dunno which tree...Help!
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The Lambert is a VERY good gun. I have heard some good things about the Baur (havn't gotten it yet) but I dono.
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The Lambert, Baur, and Voss are all good weapons.

You'll like one more than the other two depending on how you play. Unfortunately I can't offer anything other than trial and error to determine which is your favorite.
id say go for the baur if only to get the rocket and shotgun upgrades. they kick ass, those rockets are room clearers
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hmm...i've heard that the Baur has intense recoil. Is that true?
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U shud proabbly f off u fat prik
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id go for the clark b shotgun, that thing OWNS !!! Seriously get it, get it now
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clark eh? i'm more of a shoot-em up person ie rushing with the lmg or ganz
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Well, the Voss just owns. It's my favorite assault rifle out of the 4, with my 2nd favorite being the PAC rifle. I tried the Baur, wasn't so impressed. But I've been owned by those assault rifle rocket attachements so many times, so meh.

The Lambert owns too. If you like explosives and the idea of camo, go up that tree. It's very(!) accurate even when just holding the trigger down.

I picked up the clark a few times and it's a nice gun. If you like shotties, or close range, it's awesome.
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unlocks are for nublets i snipe virgin
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i would say get the rockets then get the voss it has a lot of ammo and with the rockets you can kick ass. i would also recommend the Lambert it is the bomb
Here is my reccomendation
Lambert - This thing is really really good, Low recoil and fast firing with 30 rounds in each clip. However you usually unload half of the mag for one person if you aim good using full auto. Still worth it, very accurate. You get the camouflage and the RDX when u unlock the lambert, which makes it even more useful. This thing is a killer!
BAUR - Not recommended for people who are new to the game but it is GREAT in close-mid range combat sometimes even long range combat when you get use to this gun, the recoil is very annoying. Each round does immense damage to your target. This beast if used without flaws can take down squads. Fast reloading too which is useful with 20 rounds in each clip. Only use full auto when you're close, or burst it at mid range, but single shot is recommended for mid-long range. You can take down snipers with this beast if you're good. When you unlock this beast you should have unlock the rocket, which makes it even more useful when somebody runs for cover, you launch a rocket to kill them. Never use the shotgun attachment, I have nothing else to say but the word, SUCKS. Using the medical to heal you everytime you take damage and using the Defib to revive, you can rack up massive points in teamwork and combat.
VOSS - This is another good gun, high in accuracy also but more noob friendly; this gun has 40 rounds in each clip and about 3-4 clips. It is more useful than the BAUR if you use the gun correctly. It can get you out of tight situations  that the BAUR cant, such as when your so close to your target you dont have the time to bring up your scopes to attack, you can spray; even the spray is accurate which BAUR lacks when going full auto especially without scope. However you might miss the sound that the BAUR makes when you fire because this thing's sound sounds like a guy is chopping wood at a rapid rate.
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baur and voss are my top pic.
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sweet. now ijust need to save up for 2 branches....so 2 more ranks which should be easy when i get my expert knife
so which one are you getting?

Tushers wrote:

unlocks are for nublets i snipe virgin
Ya, your kind of people contribute a lot to my points in Sniper shootouts.
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i got Voss cause I tried out Baur and there's waaayyyyyyy to much recoil for me. I jsut found out how cheap rockets are! they're like noobtubes but like extremely long range. good for killing ppl on buildings cause you can set the explosion distance. thanks for you contributions guys. Next tree to unlock, The Lambert.
I told you, you have to get used to that beast, you have to learn to control and tame it.
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personally i need help picking locks myself. eheh
Which trees are you stuck on? I have  some free time right now I'll give you advice.
soup fly mod

Clark15b = best kept secret in the game

Clark15b + Sentry Gun Covering Fire = Rampage
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and now its no longer the best kept secret. gg superfly.

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i'd go with the clark. deadly at close range so ideal for titan-defence or attack. Combine that with a sentry-gun and all the grenades you need.

if your not a supporting guy then try the lambert.

somehow i don't like the assualt-guns but maybe thats me.
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Voss + Lambert.
I have unlocked both assault rifles, but can't really stand the Baur because of its recoil. The Voss, to me at least, seems to be the better compromise of penetrating power and recoil. Also, it has a 40 rounds clip compared to the 20 (?) of the Baur.

The Lambert stays behind those two in penetrating power, but comes up with a whole lot better fire rate that makes up for quite something. Also, you'll have unlocked the RDX demopack on the way to the Carbine, which is a nice add on, especially for defending the titan - or destroying consoles.

In the end, it's up to you and your personal play style. I would just like to add that while the Clark may be an excellent pick in CQB, it's barely of any use otherwise, so you better forget about using that for anything else than defending or assaulting a titan.

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