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is this all the p4 cpus cause the water cooling kit i got says it supports lga 775 /p4
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Hard to tell what you are saying/asking but I think you are asking if a certain water cooling kit will fit all P4's as specs on the water cooling system say, for 775/P4.

If this is correct translation of what you are asking then no - 775 is a specific socket design
so you have to know which socket you have ie 478 or 775
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All of the new P4 use the LGA775 socket.  If you have an older mobo (older than 915 chipset, I'd say), then you probably don't have LGA775.
EDIT:  It is easy to tell if your P4 uses LGA775.  If the CPU has pins, it is not LGA775.  If the CPU just has "pads" on the bottom, then it is LGA775.  Does that make sense?

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