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Just thought I would seek a little advice I just know enough about computers to get by.  I run windows XP and its time to reformat since lord knows what is messing it up since lately I've been getting the blue screen of death, so I guess its a driver or something.  So I have a back made using Acronis just to reformat and get my pc back to where it started.  The problem is that the program is saying the files are corrupt.  So i have everything that I want to saved backed up.  Is there a way to dump everything and just keep windows on the system.  Just so you know I just moved and haven't finished unpacking all the way so I can't find my windows discs or key yet. 

Thanks for any help you can give.
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You need your disc and key. The sence your files are corrupt for Acronis, you have to do it using a windows disk and key.
why not try to fix the errors? post the error codes here or and ill take a look at them if you want
What files are corrupt, the Acronis image files?

Your blue screens may be attributed to bad sectors on your hard disk. Run a checkdisk on your hard disk to get any bad sectors mapped out.

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