Hey guys, this started about 3 weeks ago.  When ever I am playing and TS is on, I get crazy fluctuating pings, anywhere from 55 - 900.  This fluctuating ping gets progessively worse when more people join TS.  The ping is so bad that gameplay is impossible and I only hear bits and pieces of people talking on TS. Can anyone give me any ideas?  Un/re-installed BF2 to no avail.  Un/re-install TS2 to no avail.  Thanks in advance for the help.  If I turn off TS then gameplay is fine. 

AMD FX-53, 7800GS, 3 Gig Ram, 250HD, cable internet.  Internet cable from modem connects to my linksys router (WRT54GS) and then from there to my computer.
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yeah TS isnt that good of a Speak Program i would try going with Ventrilo.... i have noticed big lag spikes during gameplay on while on TS

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you can change the amount of bandwidth allowable for TS in the settings...  also have you tried plugging directly into the modem(at least to try it out)  and turning off VOIP and EAX ingame?
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dont diss TS... i use TS and its fine. Pings around 60 -100 most of the time. What kinda internet you runnin?
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diglow~Flow wrote:

yeah TS isnt that good of a Speak Program i would try going with Ventrilo.... i have noticed big lag spikes during gameplay on while on TS

AllmightyOz wrote:

What kinda internet you runnin?
The one with porn?

Anyway, I'm experiencing the same poo with every VoIP program, but only post 1.3. So I hope that 1.4'll fix that issue.
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I've used TS for over a year with BF2 with no problems. Open it up and go to Settings > Options > Bandwidth. Set your upload to 32. Depending on how many people you'll have on there with you, set your Download. If it's only 1 or 2 others, go with 32. 3 - 5 others, 64. Anything over that, go with 128. Then click on Sound Devices and slide the Direct Sound Buffer size all the way to the right. You should be fine after than.
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ventrilo ftw. Presumably you don't have enough bandwidth to run BF2 and TeamSpeak. The more users teamspeak has the more likely you are to be chewing through  bandwidth with it.

You need around 200kbps to play bf2 ok on 32 player maps. You need another 64kbps at least for decent voipy goodness. I found I couldn't use ventrilo or teamspeak when I was on 256kbps. On 512kbps it's fine for up to 2 players + 1 voip.
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rofl, sorry, but 256kbps makes me laugh, since i've never had a connection less then 1mbps, now at 2.
yea i am having the same problem my ping is fine at 50 then out of no were i start to get lag and i look at my ping and its is like at 1000 then it goes back down to 50 and a couple of minutes later it does it again dont know what is wrong but it just started happening maybe two to three weeks ago
So then I should play around with the upload?  During all these problems, it has been at 64 upload and 128 download.  So now try it on 32 upload?  What about the download?  Leave it at 128? 

I have cable internet so connectivity is not an issue and yup, I have already tried plugging it straight from the cable modem to no avail.  This shit just happend all-the-sudden about 3 weeks ago.  Lambo, what a coincidence.

My clan uses TS and so switching to Vent. is not an possible.

Any more ideas fellas?  Thanks again.  This is a long shot, but I too hope 1.4 might fix this ping crap, somehow (crosses fingers)!

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This is interesting, I'm having the same problem right now and the thing is I don't think it has been like this before.

Lag spikes, fragmentet and VERY delayed speach and so on.
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AllmightyOz wrote:

dont diss TS... i use TS and its fine. Pings around 60 -100 most of the time.
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i had the same problem like u have but my solution was to set the sound driver @ bf menu to HARDWARE instead of SOFTWARE! try it im sure it will help!
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I've used teamspeak for the last year without any problems. Pings are always consistent under 100. Most of the time, depending on the server, they'll be between 30 to 60. Your only option would be to try some other programs, see if they make a difference and if not do some tests on your line.
Ok fellas, I don't know if it's just me, but most times when I remedy a comuter problem, it was due to really "a shot in the dark". What I mean is when something goes wrong, I don't sit and analyse what's going on, I just try all kinds of shit and hope for the best. The funny thing is is that most times it works

I stayed up until 3:45am this morning trying to figure this shit out. My last "shot in the dark" was to download the latest nvida driver from 84.26 was what I downloaded and guess what. My video card has been reborn. I put BF2 all on high settings, 4x anti-aliasing, max resolution and refresh rate, joined a full 64 man server karkand and no friggin lag (set to medium b4). I even turned on TS and it was still fine. Now the only thing is to test it out tonight when my clanmates are on TS (crossing fingers).

Weird how this worked out b/c normally video card drivers don't really enhance the performance of your card, right?  I guess I shouldn't ask to many ?s and just be

Thanks guys for all your quick responses.

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