Often times you won't be able to look up your stats on BF2s.com because your name contains on of these three characters: < > &

If this is the case, you can use your PID number instead to look up stats on BF2s.com.

Hella update: (Man this is an old post) You can actually search for your player name INCLUDING those nasty characters AND with wildcards (*) now. Use the Find Player page.

Finding your PID#

Go to the installation folder for BF2 and open the gp.info file -- it's just a text file, so wordpad, notepad or any text editor will do. Inside you will find the Player ID number inside brackets []. Here's what it looks like for me:

G:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2


(There is more to the file, I just truncated it because the rest is unimportant.)

YOUR PID IS NOT THE userid FIELD. Please, it's the number right above it in the brackets.