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Battlefield 2 Guide for Winning Teams (Version: 1.0):
By Dakota2x

I.    Introduction
II.    Team Composition
III.    Commanders
IV.    Squad Leaders
V.    Squad Members
VI.    Lone Wolfs
VII.    Final Thoughts

I.    Introduction:
This is a common sense guide to help develop excellent teamwork skills in order to have a better win streak and grant your team’s rating the best as possibly achievable. Please bear with me, for this is my first attempt at writing a guide.
I will work through this in reverse order, so that you know what your leaders should be doing, and if they are not complying with this you cannot hunt them down and kill them, but you may POLITELY SUGGEST that they make some changes to their current operation and refer them to where you read this guide.

II.    Team Composition:
Ideally when forming a team, this would be your most tactically
Strategic formation (using a 15 man team, which I often find on most 64 size servers I play on):

-    Commander: Medic, Engineer or Support
-    Alpha Squad: (4 men)
i.    Squad Leader: Medic, Support or Special Forces
ii.    Squad members: 1x assault, 1x sniper, & 1 support kit (varying from the commander’s kit)
-    Bravo Squad: (4 men)
i.    Squad Leader: Sniper, Medic, or Engineer
ii.    Squad Members: 2x Support, 1x Anti-Tank
-    Charlie Squad: (3 men)
i.    Squad Leader: Medic or Support
ii.    Squad Members: 2x Assault Kits (Sniper, Special Forces, Assault, or Anti-Tank)
-    Delta Squad: (3 men) – Use any kit but keep the squad for available for piloting aircraft.

III.    Commanders:
This section is for commanding your troops and effectively controlling the field of battle. NOTE: It is best for a commander to use one of the 3 support kits while playing (Medic, Support, or Engineer) so that he can further assist his team instead of constantly waiting on supplies.

    - Intelligence:
TAKE TIME TO KNOW YOUR AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY!!!! As commander, you need to know basically where everything is from stationary weaponry to OP-FOR Commander’s assets to Vehicle spawn points, and potential choke points. If you know the area you are commanding in you can direct your team more effectively and spend less time trying to re-spawn. General map images are available at Also, you can get familiar with central areas in the single player version of the game, as well.

    - Assets:
Currently there are 5 tools exclusive to the commander and can be found on the right side of the command screen. (The command screen can be entered by hitting the “Caps Lock” button). The five assets are as follows: SCAN, ARTILLERY, UAV, SUPPLIES, and VEHICLE DROP. Each of the 5 listed above will be discussed individually below.

- SCAN: The scan is critical for complete battlefield situational awareness. When used in conjunction with the ZOOM feature of the command facts, you can pass down OP-FOR threats to your team mates. Also, it frees up the UAV for squad leaders who feel threatened or need constant OP-FOR progression updates. Another benefit of the scan is that, unlike the UAV, it is not detected by OP-FOR. Also, it is best to use the SCAN for placing ARTILLERY most of the time people see a UAV flying overhead they will think “Oh Shit… Incoming… Need to find cover”. If the OP-FOR does not see the UAV, then they will not be prepared for the “Steel Rain”.
Another benefit is that SCAN recharges the fastest of the 5 commander assets. For example you can generally get 2 scans off before in between artillery attacks, so you have a better idea of enemy troop movement.

- UAV: The UAV is a beautiful asset, you can use it to see how well certain squads are handling combat, see whether or not it is safe to drop supplies or vehicles to support your team, or whether you are about to rain artillery down on the enemy.
The only drawback to the UAV is that it can be seen by OP-FOR, and if seen they can shoot it down. I have shot down multiple UAVs when in mobile AA vehicles. (See above under “SCAN” for further details.) You can spot a UAV in the sky (in case you did not know, “Blue” is your team’s UAV and “Red” is OP-FOR’s UAV).
If one of your Squad Leader’s request a UAV (this will appear as a yellow UAV mark on the map in the commander’s screen) do not grant it right away. If there is a scan available go ahead and use that first. If it is just a sniper picking off the Squad Leader’s team one by one, just spot it for him and tell him to re-request the UAV after a 20 seconds or so if the problem is still present or the situation has deteriorated further,

- SUPPLIES:  Re-supply is a crucial asset to any team, especially during Flag Captures. Personally there have been times when I would be taking a flag while in a fire-fight and run dry on ammo, and no support troops were around, and I would die and OP-FOR would defend or regain control of the point. So it is on you, Commander, to insure that is not case for your team’s survival.  Also, when placing supply drops, make sure it does not draw attention to your snipers, the last thing you want is to be blamed for drawing attention to an over-watch position and your only security is killed.
On the same note, you can use supply drops to your advantage: You can place a supply drop roughly 50 to 75 meters away from a sniper/assault position and just watch the enemy go in and try to use it as you just gave your team a new kill zone.  (In a real world situation, I would probably shoot a commander for doing something like that, but then, thank God for video games).
You can use the SUPPLIES to repair your UAV Trailer, SCAN radar dish, and ARTILLERY guns. But be warned, if there is an OP-FOR special forces kit back there, he can re-supply himself with C-4 and take out the assets he could not with his initial load.

- VEHICLE DROP: A fairly new asset (as of patch 1.3) for commanders is the VEHICLE DROP, it will provide (generally) a quick transport for most squads. DO NOT USE THIS ASSET TO KILL OP-FOR!!! As of now, that has become one of my greatest pet peeves while playing. Realistically, you would not drop vehicles so close to an enemy. Use it to provide a fast assault or retreat for squads, not to try to look funny as you kill one OP-FOR soldier (which you do not get credit for) by dropping it on him.
Use this sparingly! You do not want everyone driving around in a vehicle without having at least one gunner (Of course, there are exceptions to this).

- ARTILLERY: Now we come to one of my most favorite “toys” on the commander’s screen: ARTILLERY. Indirect fire serves multiple purposes: It can be a great diversion to push OP-FOR into a choke-point/kill zone, it can defend a check point when there is no allies close by, and of course, it can be used to take out the enemy. There is a downside: ARTILLERY will kill OP-FOR and teammates alike, without prejudice.
For use as a diversion, you will want to place the ARTILLERY at a central location between your established kill zone and an OP-FOR control point. That way the OP-FOR will either press forward into your kill zone or fall back to their CP in order to regroup. NOTE: Commanders, for this situation you will want at least 2 squads of 3 to do this. Squad 1 to cover the kill zone and Squad 2 to “rush and engage” against the retreating enemy, while (here is the tricky part) avoiding the incoming ARTILLERY.
Commander, have you ever got upset that some little OP-FOR somehow got under your radar and started taking over a CP and none of your teammates are close by and you yourself are at the other end of the map? Don’t get mad, get even! ARTILLERY is not just for offense. Drop it on that poor SOB who thought he was smarter than you. And as soon as the smoke clears, make sure that you have at least 1 squad en route to recapture the CP. The less CPs the OP-FOR possess, the more predictable (or more frenzied, depending on your point of view) they become.
Finally, we come to the task that we all love best: Killing the enemy! There is nothing better than seeing an enemy squad disappear off the map due to “Steel Rain”.  When you use assets in combination such as SCAN or UAV with ARTILLERY, you become a momentary God of War. I have seen whole squads decimated by one volley of ARTILLERY, it is yours to unleash.
A final note regarding ARTILLERY for Squad Leaders, Squad Members, and Lone Wolves: I cannot stress this enough, IF YOU SEE IN YOUR MINI-MAP THAT YOU ARE WITH IN A RED PULSING CIRCLE WITH A GUN ICON IN IT AND HEARD OR READ ON YOUR SCREEN “SHOT OVER”, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE AREA… Your commander is not responsible for the TK if you are not smart enough to get out of the area before impact.

    - Battle Orchestration:
As commander, you need to picture yourself as a conductor of an orchestra, perfect timing and proper execution will get you a standing ovation while anything less will ruin your appeal (and probably will not get you re-elected for command again in the next round). Here are some real-world strategies that I found that work really well in the game:

- Bound and Cover: For this tactic, you need 2 squads. It is an assault plan to take out heavily fortified OP-FOR defensive positions. Alpha and Bravo will start at CP I and need to take CP II.  Alpha will begin a movement to contact while Bravo will provide security during Alpha’s movement. When Alpha makes initial, visual contact with OP-FOR they will take defensive positions to provide security for Bravo’s movement towards CP II. Bravo will pass Alpha’s position and engage the OP-FOR. Alpha will move to support Bravo’s capture of CP II. Objective reached, await new instructions.

- Flanking: This tactic is older than Sun Tzu’s Art of War, but it is still a worthwhile and it WORKS!! For this example there will be 3 squads involved. Alpha will begin at CP I, Bravo and Charlie will both start at CP II, with the objective Enemy destruction at CP III. Charlie will initiate movement towards CP III due south of CP II. Alpha will precede southeast from CP I to CP III. Bravo to provide security for Charlie’s initial movement south. As Charlie begins to engage the enemy to the south, Alpha will engage from the west and Bravo will move south to take CP III.

- Creating Choke Points: This tactic works wonders at the beginning of a round (especially in “Head-On” maps/missions) and is best if preformed with vehicles. For this situation, Alpha will have an M-1, as well as 3 men in a HMMWV, Bravo will have a DPV, a LAV-25, and Charlie will provide air support with an AH-1Z. Charlie will head to OP-FOR base and take out the bridge. Alpha and Bravo’s fast movers (DPV and HMMWV) will capture CP I and II while Alpha and Bravo’s Armor go in and support Charlie at the bridge.

Remember, this list is by no means all-encompassing, but hopefully it will be enough for you to realize how much “smoother” war goes when your teams act like teams and not like a bunch of individual monkeys with guns.

    - Do’s & Don’ts for Commanders:
        Here is a list of things as commander you should remember:
-    Do listen to your Squad Leaders and encourage them to make requests (reasonable ones).
-    Do SCANs as often as possible. This way you will have real time battle analysis and you can change your strategies accordingly.
-    Do issue sensible orders. Your Squad Leaders are your arms and eyes of the battlefield. Keep them happy and they will earn you points.
-    Do have fun while playing

… And now for the “Don’ts”:
-    Do not fly. A commander’s place is on the ground, not in the air. If you are Chuck Yeager, then your place is in the Air supporting your commander. You cannot fly and focus on the battle.
-    Do not spend more time shooting at enemies then you do watching your command screen. When commander, your command screen should be your best friend.
-    Do not get yourself killed frequently; you have a responsibility to your team to stay alive (especially if you want double points at the end of the round!).
-    DO NOT DROP VEHICLES ON OP-FOR!!! I cannot reiterate that point enough, but it will be the last time in this manual.

IV.    Squad Leaders:
So you decided to be a Squad Leader? If the commander is the God of the battle, then the Squad Leader would be his Avatars. You are the one who will relay the orders of the commander to your men, and in turn, your men will send you requests for vehicles, supplies and even artillery that you will need to pass up to the commander.
    - Dual Roles:
As touched upon in the introduction, you are the one who makes the commander’s intent into manifested victory. He will provide you with all the information possible to get that goal accomplished, but you and your squad are the ones that will actually get it done.

-    1st Role: You have an obligation to keep your squad intact and yourself alive to act as a spawn point. It does your squad and your team no good if you die and your squad re-spawns in four different corners of the map. So that means no thinking you are “Rambo”, you have to use your head more than you pull the trigger. Your ingenuity and creativity are your best weapons; and if properly used more powerful than an air strike.

-    2nd Role:  You are the commander’s champion. You are to fight his battles for the good of the team. He will assist you as best he can, and by completing his objectives, you will be returning the favor. Keep in contact with him and tell him what you need as well as what is going on around you.

- Ground Pounding Commanders:
Your primary mission is to take the battle to the OP-FOR as the commander sees fit. You will be in charge of a small team responsible for the orders of the commander to be followed. You must work with your squad and other squad leaders to make sure your team wins. Also, you will be the command unit that is on the front going toe-to-toe with the enemy. Communications is a must! You need to stay focused on your objective, but keep an eye/ear open to what is going on around you so that you do not enter the proverbial “mine field”. So follow your orders and use your squad as an asset to not only your commander, but to other squads as well.

    - Do’s & Don’ts of Squad Leading:
Once again, here is a list of things to do and not to do:
-    Do listen to your commander. He is the one that sees the whole picture of what is going on, not just your AOR (area of responsibility).
-    Do COMMUNICATE with your squad members. They will help you make the commander’s intent the victory that you deserve.
-    Do keep your squad happy. A happy squad will be more willing to follow you (especially if they are alive) then they will be to if they are pissed off because you keep getting them killed.

.... And yet again, the don’ts:
-    Do not go off and do your own thing. There is nothing more upsetting to your squad members who are looking for direction and your commander who is giving you direction to be off playing “Rambo”.
-    Do not keep your commander in the dark. He can be your guiding light in the fog of war. He cannot help you though if you don’t talk to him.

V.    Squad Members:
You may think that by playing as a Squad Member that you are a mere pawn and that it is not worth your time, but I have seen pawns put kings in checkmate and win the game. Your role is simple: The combatant.  Whether you are a support-class or an assault-class kit, you are the bread winners and, if done properly, you are the ones with the most points at the end of the match.
Squad members have the fewest restrictions and the most options available to them. Your job is easiest: stay alive and win.
For Squad Members, there will be no “Do or Don’t” list, just only to be finished with these 2 things: Listen to your Squad Leader and do not do your own thing, you joined the squad of your free will.

VI.    Lone Wolves:
Lone Wolves should be reserved for only the most experienced players, they are not involved in the commander’s plan, have no communications with the commander other than the “Q” button commo-rose (VoIP is not available to Lone Wolves). So unless you are an awesome player, or an angry-at-the-world teenager, you should team-up. But if you are a Lone Wolf that cannot hold your own, and get upset at dying on a regular basis, perhaps you should reconsider your position.

VII.    Final Thoughts:
So here we are at last, the final section of this guide. I will leave with these last few points, which I believe to be common sense.

* Follow the rules of the server you are on, even if there is no Admin present. It is called “Integrity”. If you don’t follow the rules it is called “Being A Smack-tard”.

* Team up. It will help you in the long run.

* Communication + Teamwork = Winning Combination. Enough said.

* HAVE FUN. That is what the game is about. If you are not having fun, then go do something else you like.

- Positive and Negative feedback always welcome at [email protected] Just remember, be polite and be gentle… This was my first time.

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Depending on how this goes, I will be posting a guide for commanders on here. Thanks for the time reading it.

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Good guide, I like it + Karma

Positive Karma Here!
Looks like you put alotta work into that....thumbs up.

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very nice
+306|6003|Austin, TX

Good work! I like to see more and more guides that lean towards teamwork. Hopefully more and more people will read them.
Uses the TV missle too much
thats so long i didnt both to read it--because i know its good.
Nice Guide.

Featured request?
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4 more comments and it will be out of BETA. I appreciate all of you for your compliments!
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PLEASE DEMONSTRATE these wise words on our own BF2 servers !

Go here to find out more
Corrosion Inhibitor
it is a good guide but its not really for the average player like me. this is best for clan warfare cause u cant just get ppl in a server to squad up the way u tell them and most squads dont stick together in a reg server unless thier in a clan or understand the concept of team work. but it is a good Tut.
the comander should mostly play as medic, in my opinion, because he can see where all the casualtys are and have a better understanding of where the enemy is.
thanks for the guide tho
+31|5853|Olathe, KS, USA

SASnic wrote:

the comander should mostly play as medic, in my opinion, because he can see where all the casualtys are and have a better understanding of where the enemy is.
thanks for the guide tho
I understand where you are going with the medic, but here is my reasoning NOT to do it. You, as commander, have the responsibility to your team. I try to keep myself as an Engineer, just because I can keep my assets up and running and supporting my team that way. If you are spending your time running around the map trying to keep everyone alive, then you are not doing your job as commander. You become to focused on saving the injured not seeing what is going across the battlefield. You have a better chance being killed that way. And from personal experience, those 15 seconds could cost you an entire squad or worse the whole battle.

It is more important that every full squad have at least one medic. You can really make a difference that way!

But THANK YOU very much for your opinion!

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yea good point on the engineer, i should of mentioned the comander to stay in one place because the medic calls still show up on your map
Yeah, I think this is definately should be a manual for clans.

Public servers nine times out of ten are everyone running around like headless chickens with adhd.
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Yes good job will be using some of this stuff for sure.
Resident Dragon Fanatic
I find some of the commander advice questionable, to be honest. You never even mentioned scan+spotting.
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Kenthar wrote:

I find some of the commander advice questionable, to be honest. You never even mentioned scan+spotting.
If you look again I had a whole section on scanning. As for spotting, I have noticed when I am in a squad on my map nothing shows when a commander calls it. Otherwise I would have devoted a section to it.

But thank you for the criticism!
I will take it into consideration when I write my guide for commanders
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Well gang, thank you for great support and feedback on this. I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!! You have helped transfer from BETA to Version 1.0 . Don't stop now, the more feedback the better this manual becomes for all!
I personally think you need more of a life if you have that much time to waste on making a post!!
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Hit_Sqd_BaKed wrote:

I personally think you need more of a life if you have that much time to waste on making a post!!
I wish that were the case, but at my job I sit behind a computer monitor for 8 hours a day with nothing to do. I am a security guard, so I actually get paid for this in a round about way LOL.

God I love America!
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Currently half-way through with my next tut. It is on commanding, hopefully it will be of some assitance to you all! keep the feedback coming, should start on my 3rd tut "Squad-Leading" in early July. Also, I am putting together a nice .PDF files for those who love to command! More to come

that was a long read! good job!
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Second tutorial regarding Commanders is currently posted in the BF2 HELP section

Lt.Goldman wrote:

PLEASE DEMONSTRATE these wise words on our own BF2 servers !

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