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Sorry about that little down time folks, I was mistakenly using the old query method to find players. Today it seems, the old system stopped responding to me (makes sense) and thus finding your nick (if a new player) was failing.

I have since fixed the problem. In fixing it, btw, you can now find players based on WildCards (only 10 at a time, sadness) and those crazy < > & characters ought to work fine too.

I kindly ask that you not overburden the find feature because it counts against the maximum queries I can hit EA with. If you search too much, I start getting blocked and the stat updates will slow down and/or stop.

I ought to implement a local find feature that matches against my DB first...
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How about a limit on how many times an IP can do a player search should be implemented?
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or membership!
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polarbearz wrote:

or membership!
Only if it warrented something. Belive me, the whole "Please enter your email address to access this, even though it wont really be used for anything other than to verify that its real, and no we dont spam." gets a tad annoying after awhile. There are sites out there that impliment such login systems soley for the purpose of having one, even though it serves no useful purpose.

A forum, online bank account, web hosting, or any such service which allows you to store, create, publish content are the only ones that warrent a real purpose, other than for identification and false security.

I shouldnt have to have an account that does nothing just to 'view' or 'access' read only content, unless I want to be emailed everytime something new changes or gets updated, ie, spammed. But such things should be optional anyway so thats besides the point.

And in any case, my whole post is besides the point because I know chuy wouldn't make a login system soley for the purpose of limiting the PID queue anyway lol.

It can easily be done by putting a limit on how many can be done in a set period of time or as he mentioned, saving them so each PID is stored locally if it's never been requested before.

But yeah, if you meant a login feature in responce to his post, then no, I disagree.

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btw u can still use names 2 search, just search the unlock, or ladder or awards..first (witch still allow name search) and u get the pid number from their results, then use that 2 get the players info

enjoy lol

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The idea of having a login system at the moment is pointless as saiod, if BF2s actually became a bigger site with more features and other things to it then maybe then you could take away some of the extra graphics and such for people who just jump on to have a look see.

My only query with the IP limiting would the the server load would most likely double.

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