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Ach du Sheisse!!!!
Well, today in America is Veteran's day, where people are supposed to give respect to those elder soldiers who fought in wars, whether they lived or died...and saw there was video of it...
So, no matter your nationality, what do you think of this, or do you wish to pay your respects..
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I was hoping to see a post about this, nice bro.    I served in the U.S.A.F. for a short time...and I will always remember it as the best time of my life.  Everyday I wish I was still there...the honor of servin your country, living for more than just yourself is such a great giving blood or clothes to Salvation Army.  Anyways, have a nice Veterans Day everyone.
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Yeah can aprishiate it, but this is a war game forum. War wasnt a game for vet's, personally i think its insulting even tho well intended.
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Thats true i think of war most of the time as games but also like what they said in real life u dont spawn in 15 seconds so i will pay my respect as well.
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I'm making a point today to walk around and shake hands with the veterans I work with.  They deserve all the respect and gratitude we can give them.  Salute! 

Nice job on the home page there too chuy... 

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Respects to all veterans of all wars and conflicts, even the ones we consider of having fought on the wrong side.
Soldiers don't make politics, they only to do the dirty work for the ones that do.
Soldiers mostly fight for the man who is lying with them in the ditch (thier buddies).

War is hell and the vets are reliving that hell every day.

My thoughts are out to you in hopes of making this hell a little lighter on you for even one day.


Spawns in front of rockets and bullets
What better way to celebrate veterans day than some healthy military jokes?

MARINE = My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment
NAVY = Never Again Volunteer Yourself
ARMY = Ain't Real Marines Yet
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Thanks Chuy,  that flash video brought a tear to my eye.  I have been in the military for 21 years.  Next veterans day I will be retired from active duty and on to my next lifes career.  I have enjoyed my career, if I had to do it all over again I would. 

OK. my own military joke:

Some generals were all standing around and bragging about how brave their soldiers were.

The Army General said I will demonstrate.  He orders a young private to jump in front of a tank and stop it.  The young private salute, says yes sir and jumps in front of the tank and is immediately squashed.

The Navy Admiral says that's nothing.  Seaman, jump in the water teaming with sharks and swim to shore.  The Seaman salutes, jumps in the water and is immediately chewed to bits.

The Marine General said I have the bravest of the brave.  Corporal, storm that hill teaming with land mines.
Marine salutes and storms the hill and is immediately blown to smithereens.

The Air force General says I have you all beat.  He sees an airman on a stand at the tip of a tail of an aircraft.  He orders the Airman to jump down.  The airman says say again sir.  The general says “jump down here now”.  The Airman says F*** you sir.

The General looks at all the other generals that are standing pale faced with a look of complete disbelief and says.

“Now that is brave.”

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Ach du Sheisse!!!!
Very, very true...
Let us just hope BF2 is the closest to war we get.
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watch these 2 videos they are great for veterans day
if you can just sign up its worth it trust me you dont have to pay its free you get to see awsome video and picutres
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i am vietnamese veteran
Pay It Forward
Great video chuy. Props for doing something special today.

I spent 10 years in the Air Force and had the honor of being a member of the honor guard for 6 of those years. I cherish the memories I have of serving at funerals of our fallen vets.

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GOOD JOB GUYS I plan on joining the Coast Gaurd cant wait. Thank you All Veterans for serving our country
It's remembrance day here in the UK... our chance to say 'thank you' to those that fought for our country, past and present. But also a chance to say to everyone that fought for 'our freedom' from whichever country... thank you.
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*TS*tphai wrote:

GOOD JOB GUYS I plan on joining the Coast Gaurd cant wait. Thank you All Veterans for serving our country
Good pick!  I'm currently enlisted in the US Coast Guard.  I enlisted when I was 18 and had just graduated high school.  I made the choice to join the CG due to its missions; saving lives, property and protecting a large amount of drugs from entering our nation.  This was before 11 SEP 01, so obviously we've accepted new missions in the daily life of the Coast Guard (homeland security). 

That was over 4 years ago, and I'm still glad I made the choice to enlist in this great service.  This past July I re-enlisted for another 6 years, with a $32k bonus.    I'm still not sure what I want to do with my career, either keep workin' my way up the enlisted ranks to Chief and above, or go the officer route.  I'm currently sittin' happy as an Operations Specialist 2nd class (E-5), workin' the COMMS side of Search and Rescue.

Ok, I've said enough, lol.

/salute to our vets of all the allied branches of military!

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