kilroy0097 wrote:

How many children really expect to receive money from their parents and how many actually realize the burden of it all? How many get jobs to suppliment their parents and how many get jobs to replace their parents? I am in an unique position due to my occupation to see college students on a daily basis. I see what they do and I hear what they feel about money. I see them with their expensive clothes, cars and toys and then I see them around town at restraunts or the bars. There is way too much money being thrown around for these kids who rarely have any concept of financial control. And this goes to the parents as well who allow this to happen. Financial responsibility starts with the parent. Learning to work for you money starts with the parents. Understanding that your parents can't be there all the time is important. I don't feel or see this quality being instilled in this youngest generation. Each years seems to get worse than the last.

I fear for the future.
Im 22 and finishing up my senior year in Engineering after taking a year off after my freshmen year.  I pay for college entireley by myself.  I received grants for the first time this year, and all it took was my father dying and not having a reported income for 2 years in a row.  I've worked many jobs, down as far as sweeping floors in a machine shop with no heat in the Lubbock winter, which is not purely cold, but that damned wind chill factor...

I agree with you Kilroy, there aren't many kids my age that actually understand what its like to have to work for what they have, and it is a shame.  Not all hope is lost though, there is always the generation that will grow up whenever our economy fails because my generation turns out to be a majority of fuck ups.

Go Red Raiders. Go Aggies.  Die longhorns. Eat tasty steak, no matter if it was bi-curious or not.