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[Ahazi] Kaika
The Suicidal Soldier

Anybody else know what to make of this one?
Rules over Sesamestreet
+5|6302|The Netherlands
sounds like he ate something wrong (french food?)
+0|6308|New Hampshire
"I have these nightmares every night where I am locked in this dark room, with no windows, no doors, no fresh air, no route for escape. I wake up in these cold sweats," Dougherty said.

come on now. Maybe there would be some embarrassment but that should be it.
AK Whore
+152|6343|Barrington, RI
Post traumatic stress from being glued to a toilet seat.  This guy has issues.  it wouldn't surprise me if he glued himself to the toilet seat.
In today's Lawsuit hungry / money-for-nothing society i wouldn't be suprised to find out he did it to himself.
Same here. I think he did it himself, Kind of like spilling hot coffee on himself. A little pain will go a long way if you know where to give it and when to give it.
Instant Cereal
He's just trying to exploit an opportunity to make some money. I saw the guy on the tele the other day and he's pretty poor (missing teeth, etc.). I hope he gets rejected by court and pics of him stuck on the toilet are spread on the intarweb.
There's a very good way of getting through lie detector fact I know of 2 ways. One takes an incredible amount of training (though some are naturals at it)...the other is very fact almost ALL of you do it every day...several times a day.

Got you thinking?



btw..the EASY way doesn't show you are NOT just makes the test hugely unreliable (positives showing as negatives etc)

<edit edit>

lol...guess that makes me a lie-detector Hacker


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+1|6299|Raleigh, NC
Eh, I don't think he did it to himself, I just think he has issues. Just like I don't think that that bastard at McDonalds who burned himself intentionally did it, I think it just happened and the person was a dumbshit and sued.

Or that guy who saw some other guy on Fear Factor eat a live rat or something and the guy like, flipped out, went screaming throughout his house, tore out his own hair, slammed his head repeatedly into a wall, and passed out in the bathroom. I don't feel like this was a fake, I just feel like that person had some deep rooted issues that were gonna come out one way or another, just because they're fucking retards. The money factor is just how they make them feel better about their insanity.

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