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The inclusion of Wake Island into the ranking feed a week or so ago messed up my updating system and caused all Global Ranking numbers to cease updating. This problem has been fix and when you next get trended (only happens once every 24 hours) you will have your correct global ranks again.

Sorry about that folks!

p.s., I changed up the way the queue system is dealing with updating peoples awards (9 million awards and counting is a lot...) The changes make the queue go about 100 times faster If you notice awards are messed up or broken (you shouldn't...) please just send me a quick PM.)
Pay It Forward
Excellent! Chuy, your dedication to this site is why I love it so much.
I'm back, baby... ( sort of )
+664|5892|Cologne, Germany

..and it's also why we love chuy so much...
+20|5889|government yard in trenchtown.
I don't love you, I love the things you do!

Superb, faster queue's are always welcome!
Olaf, Berserker...
Global ranks still not updated yet.  Does it need to be 24 hours from the time you made the fix?
Aliens Ate My Babysitter
Strange you say that as mine's definitely updated now. I thought the ranking was going to update across the board, but I guess it's still some sort of individual thing.
Olaf, Berserker...
Mine just updated, or I jumped 35,000 positions in an hour!!

Thanks Chuy, great work!
DAO12 Whore
While we are on the topic of global rankings, what do the global rankings for kit, weapon and vehicle order on?  Is it kills or ratio, or a combination?
Olaf, Berserker...
Seems to be a combination of time and kills.
+18|5811|Os , Norway
Thank you! Execelent you are the master! Thank you thank you and thank you again!!!!! tor11

tor11 wrote:

Thank you! Execelent you are the master! Thank you thank you and thank you again!!!!! tor11
I think tor11 is grateful

And hey, the guys/girls are right. It's great to have such (a) dedicated admin(s). Makes BF2 a lot more fun
yer, this site is definitely a part of the whole bf2 experience for me. great work mate.
( . )v( . )
+18|5811|Os , Norway
Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you again!
You are the man!
Gretings from land in the north Norway

PS. Im feeling like a child high on sugar! Im eagar to see my stats, by the numbers!
Thanks you!!!!!!

Last edited by tor11 (2005-11-28 16:54:39)

Thank You, Good Job
I know that there is a bunch of posts/topics and everything else you can imagine on this, but Chuy you got any idea how long it will take for them to fix the Sf xml data feed? Because untill that works, our page doesnt update at all, so all these other changes that you make, like the global rankings being fixed have no impact on us. Thanks, Fur
Lazarus Tag'lim
Have Wrench, Will Travel
+1|5831|Alabama Coast, USA
Um, check the dates... this is an old thread that was bumped.  Chuy posted 11-5, SF came out 11-22 and caused the most recent flub of the feed, today is 11-28.  So... this is something Chuy did and posted about several weeks before this new problem arose.  Also, since the feed problems cannot be fixed by Chuy, are you suggesting you'd rather he stop adding/fixing things at this end?
my bad didnt check the orginal date, and no lol, not at all. I know that its Ea's end that needs to be fixed, I was just pointing out that it sucks for all of us whose stats arnt updating any more, because all the extra work that chuy is adding to the site is not being taken full advantage of.
Thanks for all the hard work 


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