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It is all a numbers game. Which is why I suggested only allowing the women refugees to stay while deporting the men.
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Lauren Boebert vaping marijuana, giving a handjob in a theater, and getting her boobs fondled all on video is something.

Also, I never noticed how hot she was until she pulled off this hoe shit.
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The Republicans are seriously about to outst their own speaker for passing a routine spending bill. Meanwhile Trump is on trial in NYC. And Lauren B. is giving handjobs in cars parked under trees.
Go Cougs!
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Everyone is saying Trump is leading Biden in polls in swing states? Biden is 364 days to make the economy look a lot better because that's the one thing thats swinging towards Trump. If he can figure that out, he can ride out his octogenarian life with 4 more years in the WH

There are people who say they'd vote for Reagan over Trump in 2024 if he were still alive, as if that makes it better.

The same people grouse about the advanced age of politicians (usually ones they don't agree with).

If he were alive today, Reagan would be older than Bilbo when he left the ring to Frodo.

"Yes, maybe some of his policies were disastrous, but he was a damn fine president! He even did a lot for actors beforehand!"
"His actor buddies called him a talking head."
"Oh, uh, but he still won!"

lol k
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He was seemingly genial, besides that he was a piece of shit right from the beginning - keeping hostages in Iran for longer so he could claim the credit.

Otherwise pretty well everything he did was corrupt or disastrous.

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